Logging Truck Fatality and New Rules For Truck Driver Schedules

Our Atlanta truck accident lawyers are well aware of the dangers of large commercial vehicles, and ones like logging trucks with their load open on the back can be especially dangerous.  Last month on Georgia State Route 303 there was a fatal accident involving this kind of vehicle.

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The truck was carrying long logs at about 10:30 a.m., when a van going in the opposite direction crossed the center line of the road.  The truck driver tried to swerve out of the way, but the van hit the rear part of the trailer anyway.  The logging truck ended up running off the road and spilling most of its load of logs on the side of the road.  The van driver died in the accident, and one eyewitness said, “It was an ugly wreck.”  The crash scene, according to reports, spanned the space of what would be four city blocks, and the road had to be closed for three hours so the remaining logs could be hauled away and the road cleared.  It was extremely fortunate that no other cars were around at the time of the accident, or there could have been many more injuries.

While in this instance it appears that the driver of the logging truck was not at fault, these large vehicles are simply more dangerous than passenger vehicles and can cause significantly more harm.  Tractor trailer and large truck accidents are a serious problem, and the Department of Transportation estimates that between 3,000 and 4,000 people per year die in accidents in the US while using these vehicles.  A full 13 percent of those deaths are due to the truck driver being too tired while driving.  Just this week, according to the news, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has new rules going into effect dealing with truckers’ schedules.  The new rules include at least one thirty minute break in the first eight hours of driving.  It also includes a rule saying that truckers must have at least one 34 hour period off of duty per week.  The maximum amount allowed to be driven per week is now 70 hours, which is 15 percent lower than before.  There are also new measures in place to better control truckers’ hours through an electronic log attached to the truck’s engine, a system that allows for less tampering.  It is illegal for a trucking company to push a driver to go past legal limits, but the new technology will allow for more accurate accounting to keep everyone on the road safe.

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