Improving Atlanta Drugged Driving Accident Prevention

Drugged driving remains a major problem on U.S. roads. In fact, as drunk driving deaths have fallen over the past several decades, drugged driving deaths have been rising. In light of the growing number of people who are driving while impaired by cannabis and other drugs, the Governors Highway Safety Administration (GHSA) has moved forward with new efforts that are aimed at combatting the problem.  atlanta drugged driving accidents

Unfortunately, drugged drivers present a significant risk on the roads. If you are a victim of an accident caused by a driver who was impaired by drugs, an Atlanta car accident lawyer can help you. Contact Sammons & Carpenter, P.C. today to find out about pursuing a personal injury or wrongful death claim against a driver who caused a drugged driving collision to occur.

New Efforts at Atlanta Drugged Driving Accident Prevention

Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) has taken numerous steps to try to help states address the increasing problems of drugged driving. For example, GHSA  published a 2015 report called Drug Impaired Driving: A Guide for What States Can Do. This report is meant to be a guide that provides essential information on drugged driving prevention in local jurisdictions. The guide contains practical advice for legal avenues to pursue; public education and outreach efforts; and training of law enforcement officers to better police the roads by identifying and arresting drugged drivers.

One of GHSA’s top recommendations was for states to offer enhanced drugged driving training not only to law enforcement officers who are on the front lines, but also more training for both prosecutors and judges. In order to help states provide vital education on the issue of drugged driving, GHSA made grants available in several different states. The grants made it possible for more than 500 law enforcement officers to be trained in the process of recognizing a drugged driver during a traffic stop.

This was just the first year of grants, and GHSA has plans to offer funding to more states. The GHSA Executive Director stated: “This next round of funding will expand these efforts so that even more communities will be able to confront the growing threat of drug-impaired drivers.”

GHSA also plans to publish an updated Drug Impaired Driving report in 2017, through the agency’s partnership with  The new updated guide will alter its recommendations to reflect the latest in research, and will also feature information on state programs that have shown promise in reducing drugged driving accident rates.

With 43 percent of drivers who were killed in fatal auto accidents now testing positive for drugs, something needs to be done. The proportion of fatally injured drivers with drugs in their system has dramatically increased over the past three years, as has the prevalence of drivers who test positive for marijuana and other impairing drugs.  These motorists pose a tremendous risk on the roads, and states need to be able to crack down. The drugged drivers who cause accidents also need to be held accountable to those who they hurt.

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