Georgia Based Bus Company Shut Down

Our Atlanta vehicle accident attorneys read about a bus company based in Atlanta that has been shut down for safety problems with both its vehicles and drivers.

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An Atlanta-based bus company has been shut down for failing to ensure the safety of its vehicles and drivers, according to a federal agency. The company, STSC Transportation Services Inc., provides routes between Philadelphia and New York City for $10 one way and $20 round trip. It started in July 2013 and had eight daily trips between the cities. It now has to stop all passenger operations by order of the US Transportation Department’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration because they were endangering the safety of the public. This includes a halt to all interstate and intrastate operations. The reasons for the order to stop operations was a lack of systematic inspections, repairs and maintenance on the buses, failing to test drivers for alcohol and drug use, not ensuring drivers were properly qualified and licensed, and not maintaining proper safety records, which should have been at STSC’s registered Atlanta address.

The Department of Transportation found violations beginning in November 2013. Specifically, STSC was cited six times during inspections for operating buses that were placed out of service for safety reasons. STSC also did not provide records of annual inspections, maintenance and repairs on its buses, and inspections also showed emergency exits that could not be opened. There were no required random drug and alcohol tests for drivers performed. STSC also did not adhere to federal regulations on hours of work to prevent drivers that are too tired. In failing to adhere, the company also has missing or falsified records on duty status.

Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said, “Safety is our top priority and we will continue to use every means available to ensure everyone on our roads and highways reaches their destinations safely. This includes shutting down unsafe bus companies that ignore vitally important safety rules.” Additionally, Anne Ferro, the Administrator of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, said, “FMCSA investigators work diligently across the country to prevent crashes from occurring by shutting down bus companies that put their passengers and the public at risk. In the past three years, we have more than tripled the number of dangerous companies and drivers we have taken off the road and we will continue taking aggressive action against carriers that disregard our safety standards.”

STSC Transportation Services’ December posting on Twitter said it was closed and under new management.

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