Football Season Means Greater Atlanta Drunk Driving Accident Risks

Fans of the Atlanta Falcons or the Georgia Bulldogs are enjoying football season, with many choosing to watch games at sports bars, stadiums, or football parties. Football season should be a time of fun and of watching the game with friends- but unfortunately it is also a time when alcohol consumption increases significantly for many. This can create dangerous conditions for all motorists. football-stadium-2-1540700

If you or someone you love is injured by an impaired driver, you have legal rights. An Atlanta drunk driving accidents lawyer can provide representation to victims who sustain injuries and to family members of those killed in fatal crashes.

Football season means more risk on the roads, and it is important you talk to a lawyer and understand your rights so you can pursue compensation when irresponsible fans or other careless drivers cause you harm.

Football Season and Atlanta Drunk Driving Accident Risks

Many fans who attend football games drink, with some spectators crossing the line into binge drinking.  According to ABC News, one fan out of every 12 attending a professional football game will end up leaving the stadium too drunk to drive.  Among fans under age 35, there is an eight-times greater likelihood the fan will be impaired and have a blood alcohol concentration over-the-limit. For fans who tailgate, the risk is even greater.  There is a 14 percent increased chance football fans who tailgate before the game will have a BAC of .08 or higher by the time the game is done.

When researchers conducted surveys and anonymous breathalyzers of tailgating fans, they found one in four had consumed at least five drinks- which is classified as binging on alcohol. The tailgaters who had the highest BAC’s on the breath tests had drank an average of 6.6 alcoholic beverages.

The significant number of people who drink while watching football has serious consequences.  When one state assembled information on football and alcohol consumption, the data showed 13 percent more drivers being arrested for impairment behind the wheel on game days when those days were compared with other days of the year.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving has also warned of the connection between football spectatorship and impaired driving.  According to MADD data on collisions, an average of 31 percent of deadly crashes are caused by a driver whose blood alcohol concentration is .08 or higher. On Super Bowl Sunday, however, a full 43 percent of deadly car accidents that occur are caused by drivers who are drunk.

Football fans need to be aware of the significant dangers associated with drinking at games and driving home. Fans should have a designated driver who agrees to stay sober the whole game, and plans should be made for getting home safely well before tailgating starts for the day. Other motorists also need to be aware they could face a higher accident potential on game days and should try to stay far from stadiums when possible. Reporting signs of suspected impairment in other drivers you see on the road could also help to save lives.

If crashes do occur, victims need to understand how they can recover compensation from those who chose to get drunk and get behind the wheel.

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