Fiery Tractor Trailer Crash

Our Atlanta tractor trailer accident attorneys saw a news story last week about a fiery crash involving no less than four tractor trailers.


The crash occurred in the far right lane of I-20 as trucks slowed down for the exit to the weigh station between Lee Road and Thornton Road on Thursday afternoon, March 13. The first truck slowed down and then the second truck smashed into the rear of the first truck. It caused a chain reaction with the third truck hitting the second truck, and the fourth truck hitting the third truck.

Sergeant Keith Smalley, field operations sergeant with the state patrol’s motor carrier compliance division, said although trucks were slowing down, traffic was not stopped.  He said, “According to state patrol investigating agency, they were actually moving at about a 25 to 30 mile-per-hour pace.” He also said that road construction in the area had disabled the electronic system that tells drivers when the weigh station is full, but that a manual system was still in place at the time. An eye witness, Benjamin Jefferson, was stuck in the traffic that resulted. He drove up to the accident scene soon after it happened. “There was all sorts of thick black smoke going up in flames way up into the trees. That went on for about 15 minutes and then the fire people sort of got it under control,” he told reporters.

The driver in the second truck had to be pulled to safety, according to Douglas County spokesman Wes Tallon. That driver was identified as 59 year old Alan Harrison from Lawrenceville. He was saved by nine good Samaritans and two firefighters who pulled him out of his truck after it caught on fire from the accident. Mr. Tallon said, “The driver’s clothing was on fire when he was rescued.” Because of the debris from this crash, the ambulance carrying Mr. Harrison had to drive with a flat tire all the way to Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta. He was in serious but stable condition. The drivers of the other three trucks involved were treated by emergency workers on the scene.

Investigators had to shut down I-20 eastbound for several hours to clear the debris and the spilled diesel fuel. Drivers were being routed to the Lee Road exit and told to use side streets. The road was finally cleared by about 6:30 in the evening, according to the Georgia Department of Transportation. Charges might be filed in the accident, according to Georgia State Patrol, but it is still under investigation.

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