Fatal Tractor Trailer Crash

As the summer driving season comes to a close, drivers still need to be watchful on the road, especially on highways and areas with a lot of tractor trailer traffic.  Our Atlanta truck accident lawyers saw a news story just last week about a fatal car vs. tractor trailer accident in Gwinnett County.  Unfortunately, these fatal kinds of accidents are all too common.

Last Wednesday at around 10:15pm in Suwanee, a tractor trailer, driven by 50 year old Eddie Scott from Lawrenceville, was heading north on Satellite Boulevard.  A PT Cruiser tried to turn left onto Satellite Boulevard from Shawnee Industrial Way, and pulled into the path of the tractor trailer, which could not stop in time.  The tractor trailer hit the car, then drove off the road and into a wooded center area, leaking fuel.  The PT Cruiser was driven by 20 year old Ethan Ashline, who was killed in the accident.  His front seat passenger, 25 year old Adrianna Romero from Norcross, also died in the accident.  Another person was in the backseat, 31 year old Justin Kyall from Cumming, and he was taken to the hospital with serious injuries.  Mr. Scott, the driver of the truck, was not injured at all.

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The police are still investigating the accident, but don’t believe alcohol was involved and also don’t believe speed was a factor in this accident.  Regardless, the above story highlights once again how dangerous these tractor trailer accidents are for people in passenger cars. The driver of the truck is usually totally fine while the accident is often fatal for those in the much smaller and more vulnerable passenger cars.

Also just last weekend, a major crash, also involving a tractor trailer, occurred on Interstate 85 in Gwinnett County near the exit for the Mall of Georgia.  Twenty vehicles were involved in this chain reaction crash, including a tractor trailer that jackknifed in the road.  A total of 12 people had to be taken to the hospital with injuries, including one child, and five more people were treated for injuries on the scene.  Fortunately, with this accident there were no fatalities.  And police in Gwinnett County say they suspect heavy rain had played a role in making the road slippery and causing the accidents.

The lesson that should be remembered is drivers must always be cautious in bad weather but when tractor trailers are around it is especially important.  These big heavy vehicles have trouble stopping quickly and slick roads make this problem worse, and more dangerous.

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