Fall Car Accident Risks in Atlanta

Fall is a pleasant time of year with cooler weather, back to school, and several fun holidays. Unfortunately, during the fall season, there are some circumstances which can cause an increased risk of auto accidents. As the weather gets chillier and as the seasons change, motorists on roads throughout Atlanta should consider some of the different risk factors they could face on the roads. Atlanta Fall Car Accidents

Car accidents can happen during any season, and can happen at any time of the day or night. Determining the crash cause when an accident happens is vitally important to ensure that victims and their families can be appropriately compensated for losses and damages. If you or someone who you love is hurt this fall or any time of the year, call an Atlanta car accident lawyer to find out what you can do to recover for your losses and damages resulting from the crash.

Atlanta Car Accident Risks During the Fall Season

Some of the biggest risk factors for collisions during fall include:

  • Children returning to school: Kids who walk or bike ride to school could be struck by vehicles on the roads. Drivers must be aware there will be more children commuting to class and should slow down accordingly, as well as paying extra careful attention in school zones and residential areas.
  • Football season: Football season means people attending games or watching at bars or the homes of friends. Drinking during football season is incredibly common, which means there is an added DUI risk on game days.
  • Daylight savings: Daylight savings is November 6, and this change in the clocks means drivers will need to get used to new conditions when it comes to light and darkness on their commute. Accidents happen every year when the clocks are adjusted.
  • Fall holidays: Both Halloween and Thanksgiving can mean more auto accidents on the roads in Atlanta.  Halloween is risky for kids who are out trick or treating, while there also concerns of teens and adults drinking at Halloween parties on Halloween night. Thanksgiving weekend is also an especially high risk time for drunk driving accidents as well.
  • Deer season: While not a big risk in the city, deer are very common in many parts of Georgia, including in the suburbs as well as in rural areas. AJC reports that the risk of hitting a deer is higher than ever. The arrival of deer season means drivers need to pay added attention, as hitting one of these big animals could do serious damage to your vehicle. You could also swerve to avoid a deer and strike another car.

These are some of the many events and occurrences during the fall season which can create an added risk of motor vehicle accidents happening. If car accidents occur in Atlanta, victims should speak with an experienced attorney to understand what their rights are for pursuing a claim for compensation.

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