Drunk Driver Kills Ex-Auburn Football Star

file0001847431097Our Atlanta car accident attorneys see too many cases of drunk driving costing the lives of Georgians. A recent news story about Philip Lutzenkirchen, a former football star at Auburn University, and the accident that caused his death, highlight this problem once again.

Details of the Crash

The accident happened in the early hours of the morning near LaGrange on June 29. According to a friend, they were going to get food at the time. Both Lutzenkirchen, a tight end who helped Auburn to a national championship in 2010, and the car’s driver were drunk. The car, a 2006 Chevy Tahoe, was driving southbound on Upper Big Springs Road. The driver didn’t stop or slow down at a stop sign at the intersection of Lower Big Springs Road. The Chevy crossed the intersection and smashed into the ditch. According to the police report, it kept going for another 89 feet and hit a fence which caused the car to go airborne. Ith then ran into another ditch along the driveway of the Big Springs Methodist Church before flipping over three times. Police suspected the involvement of alcohol in the crash from the outset.

Joseph Ian Davis, the 22 year old driver of the car, had a blood alcohol level of 0.17, twice the legal limit of 0.08 in Georgia. Lutzenkirchen himself had a blood alcohol level of 0.377, more than four times the legal limit. The 23 year old was in the backseat and was thrown from the car as it flipped. Both he and David died from their injuries at the scene. Two other passengers in the car were also injured, but their blood alcohol level was not tested. One backseat passenger, 22 year old Elizabeth Craig, was also ejected from the car. She was taken to West Georgia Medical Center. The front seat passenger, 20 year old Christian Case, suffered from a possible concussion and was also treated at West Georgia Medical Center. Of the four people in the car, only Case was wearing a seat belt.

Two lives were cut short and many people affected by this unnecessary accident. Lutzenkirchen’s friend Kolton Houston said, “It was hard. For about two weeks I really could not sleep. I’d wake up from dreams where I was actually in the car. I’d wake up from dreams were I was getting in the car and getting back out of the car, and then I’d have these other dreams where I was living moments from the weekend. So for about two and a half or three weeks it was kind of hard.”

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