Drugged Driving Accidents are a Danger to Atlanta Motorists

Drivers who use alcohol present a danger to themselves and to others. Drunk driving is widely known to be among the most dangerous behaviors on the road and campaigns like Just Say No have been very helpful in reducing drunk driving. However, there are still thousands of deaths annually due to driver impairment. drugged driving accident lawyer

While drunk driving deaths have declined dramatically, it is not only alcohol which causes motorists to be too impaired to drive safely. Medications, including prescription medications, can also prevent a driver from being able to operate his or her vehicle in a manner that is safe and that doesn’t put everyone on the road at risk.

If you are involved in an accident and the driver was impaired by alcohol or impaired by other drugs, you should take appropriate legal action to make the impaired driver pay for damages. This is true regardless of the substance causing the impairment. An Atlanta drugged driving accident lawyer can help you to make your case to get compensation if a driver caused your crash due to alcohol or drug use.

Drugged Drivers Cause a Substantial Risk of Atlanta Motor Vehicle Accidents

Lots of different kinds of drugs can impair motorists and cause them to become unsafe drivers. One of the most common types of prescription medications is often the cause of DUI crashes. The class of prescriptions resulting in a significant number of collisions is called benzodiazepines.

According to National Institute of Health, “benzodiazepines are central nervous system depressant drugs often detected in biological samples from driving under the influence (DUI) offenders. They are associated with marked psychomotor impairment.”  Xanax is an example of this type of drug. Another example is a medication called Alprazolam, which AL.com indicates is the most prescribed drug. More than 48.5 million prescriptions are written for this medication annually.

Because so many people take these medications and because they have a big impact on  a person’s ability to function, it should come as no surprise that there are a significant number of impaired driving cases arising from benzodiazepine use.  In fact, both National Institute of Health and AL.com indicated a substantial number of DUIs are connected with benzodiazepine use and Al.com reported that statistics show benzodiazepines are the second most common reason for impaired driving charges in some locations.

This means, other than alcohol, more drivers have been found to be impaired by benzodiazepine drugs and have been charged with DUI because of it than are being charged due to marijuana use.  This is true even as concerns mount that relaxing attitudes towards marijuana could increase risks of drugged driving.

Identifying drugged drivers can be harder for police than drunk drivers because there’s no breathalyzer for benzodiazepine use and because police can’t smell these drugs on a person like they can alcohol. Unfortunately, this means there could be many drivers impaired by these drugs who don’t end up getting caught until they cause a collision and hurt someone. If you are harmed by a driver who causes a crash due to benzodiazepine use or due to the use of any prescription or non-prescription medications, it is important you get appropriate legal help to pursue a case against the driver who hurt you.

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