Driving Habits and Atlanta Car Accident Risks

Recent studies suggest that Americans are spending a lot of time in their cars. The number of miles that motorists travel and the amount of time spent driving is increasing. Unfortunately, more motorists driving and more people operating vehicles for longer periods of time means a greater risk of Atlanta car accidents. Atlanta car accident lawyer

If and when a collision happens, those involved must know their obligations and know their rights. You have to stop at the scene of a crash, exchange contact info with other drivers, and report the accident to the police if it was a serious one. You also must make certain that you have sufficient auto insurance.

If a crash is another driver’s fault, knowing how to recover compensation is also essential so you don’t face financial loss from the collision. An Atlanta car accident lawyer can provide assistance in responding in the aftermath of an accident.

Driving Increases Contribute to Atlanta Car Accident Risks

According to reports from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, drivers in the United States spend more than 290 hours driving each year.  This is about equivalent to seven 40-hour workweeks spent driving. The vast majority of Americans spend at least some time operating a vehicle, with 87.5 percent of Americans saying they had driven over the course of the past year.

With all this driving, Americans traveled around 2.45 trillion miles over the course of 2015. This is a 2.4 percent increase in total miles driven as compared with in 2014.   More miles being driven is a major reason why the risk of death in a car accident rose from 2014 to 2015.

Most Americans who drive are in cars when they do it, with more than 50 percent of all miles traveled in traditional passenger vehicles. Around 20 percent of all miles are driven in SUVs, and approximately 17 percent of total miles are driven in pickup trucks. Finally, minivans came in at just 7.9 percent of miles driven by motorists on U.S. roads.  Most households in the country have at least one of these modes of transportation, and 86 percent of households say they have at least one car for each licensed driver in the house. A total of 28 percent of households say they actually have more cars than they do drivers.

Women drive more frequently than men, in terms of the number of daily trips that women take in the car. However, men tend to take longer trips. Men spend 18 percent more time driving than women, and drive 2,314 more miles each year than women do. Drivers in the 30-49 age group also drove more than any other demographic groups, with motorists in this age range driving an average of 13,506 miles each year. The group with the lowest number of miles was drivers aged 75 and older. Close to half of all drivers 75 and up do not drive on any given day.

Understanding who is driving, and tracking increases in driving time, can help to identify patterns in auto accidents. If crashes happen, every driver needs to know their rights to pursue a claim for compensation.

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