Most Drives Take Unnecessary Risks of Causing Atlanta Car Accidents

Certain types of behaviors are acknowledged as dangerous behind the wheel. These actions taken on the part of drivers significantly increase the risk of motor vehicle accidents throughout Georgia and throughout the United States. Unfortunately, despite the obvious dangers of some types of driver behavior, many motorists admit to regularly doing things while driving which they know are likely to increase the chances of motor vehicle accidents. Atlanta Car Accident

Whenever a driver engages in dangerous behavior, the motorist must be held accountable for the consequences of his actions if a crash results. An Atlanta car accident lawyer can provide representation when a crash happens and victims or family members of victims wish to pursue a claim for compensation from negligent drivers.

Most Drivers Are Taking Unnecessary Risks of Causing Atlanta Car Crashes

AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety conducted a survey of motorists and asked the drivers about how often they engage in high-risk behaviors. The research found around 87 percent of the survey respondents had done something dangerous while driving in just the month before taking the survey. Many of the responding motorists had regularly and routinely engaged in dangerous activities.  For example:

  • 70 percent of drivers said they had driven while distracted by talking on a cell phone. Almost one in three drivers said they use phones regularly while driving.
  • 13 percent of drivers said they had driven over the course of the past year with an alcohol level they suspected was at or near the legal BAC limit. Nine percent of drivers admitted to potentially driving drunk multiple times during the prior year.
  • 48 percent of drivers said they had exceeded speed limits by 15 MPH or more on a highway at least once. Fifteen percent admitted to exceeding the speed limit by this amount multiple times over the prior year.
  • 39 percent of drivers said they had passed through a traffic signal which had recently gone red, even when they could have stopped. Twenty-six percent of drivers said they had run through a red light multiple times during the prior month.
  • 32 percent of drivers said they had continued driving when having difficulty keeping their eyes open as a result of fatigue. More than one out of every five responding drivers said they had repeatedly driven their vehicles while fatigued during the prior 30 days.
  • 18 percent of drivers aid they had been in a vehicle as a driver or passenger with no seat belt on during the prior months. Fifteen percent had repeatedly been in a car without being buckled up.

While not wearing a seat belt is a risk only to the motorist who fails to buckle up, all of these other behaviors not only endanger the driver who makes the unsafe choice but also put all others on the roads at risk as well. An attorney can help people hurt by poor driving choices to pursue a claim or compensation from the driver who caused crashes due to their failures to be careful.

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