Why Drivers Speed Despite Atlanta Car Accident Risks

According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, speeding kills close to 10,000 people each year. Speeding makes the roads much more dangerous, and it increases the chances a car crash will occur. If a collision happens at a higher speed, the chances the auto crash will be deadly are also much higher.  Despite the fact most people are aware that speeding can be really risky, a lot of drivers unfortunately continue to persist in violating speed limit laws. There are numerous reasons why drivers tend to speed, even despite being made aware of the dangers of this risky behavior. Atlanta speeding accidents

If a driver opts to exceed the speed limit or to drive faster than it is safe to travel based on the conditions of the road, the driver can be held accountable if a collision occurs. Victims of a speeding accident should consult with an Atlanta auto accident attorney to determine how best to pursue a claim to recover compensation for car accident loss. 

Why Do Drivers Cause Atlanta Speeding Accidents?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration explains key reasons why drivers speed, despite the fact that speeding is a contributing cause of 28 percent  of fatal accidents. The reasons that drivers speed include:

  • Traffic congestion: Drivers mention traffic congestion as a leading reason for speeding and other aggressive driving behaviors, including road rage and making frequent lane changes.
  • Running late: Drivers who are running late for meetings, school, work, or other appointments are more likely to exceed the speed limit and drive too fast.
  • Anonymity: Drivers are shielded from the outside world when they are in a car. As a result, many motorists begin to feel as if they are detached observers, rather than participants in the world around them. Motorists who feel sequestered and isolated are much more likely to break the law and are less likely to be constrained in their behavior than they would be if they thought they would see witnesses to their legal violations again in the future.
  • Disregard for the law and disregard for others: A small subset of drivers frequently drives aggressively and does not care about the law or about the impact that their behavior could have on road safety. The drivers in this group are not just occasional aggressive drivers who will excessively change lanes when running late, but are motorists who are habitually aggressive on the roads because they believe their own convenience is more important than the law or more important than the safety of others.

Regardless of why drivers feel justified in speeding, they are breaking the rules when they do so. A speeding driver can be ticketed for driving too fast and can be held accountable if a collision occurs due to a speeding driver. An experienced attorney can provide assistance to victims of speeding accidents in holding careless drivers accountable for their behavior.

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