Driver Wanted for Being at Fault for Crashes

Our Atlanta car accident attorneys read about a woman who caused a deadly accident; it turns out the woman also has a warrant for her arrest for a deadly accident she caused two years ago.

Police Line

Last weekend, a multi car pile up accident shut down Highway 316 beneath the Lawrenceville Suwanee Road Bridge on Sunday afternoon in Gwinnett County. Lawrenceville police Captain Jeff Smith said, “From not only the evidence we are seeing on the scene, but from what witnesses are telling us the red Isuzu was attempting to pass traffic in the emergency lane and is what started this chain-reaction accident.” One car had flipped several times before stopping right side up and a total of seven vehicles were involved in the massive crash. Pamela Leake, a 39-year-old from Lawrenceville, died from injuries in the accident. Three other people had to be taken to a hospital, although their injuries were not life threatening. Two people were still trapped in a car when the emergency personnel arrived, and had to be extricated by firefighters.

The driver of the red Isuzu, who was the reason for the accident, was 32-year-old Sabrina Townes. She is now in Gwinnett County Jail. In an investigation, police discovered she had an active warrant out for her arrest for vehicular homicide for causing an accident in DeKalb County two years ago. In that accident, Lymeng Lim died in a four car accident. Mr. Lim was in the US Navy for at least ten years and his sister told reporters she was thrilled at the news that police had captured Ms. Townes at last. She said she was still in shock over her brother’s death two years later. But Mr. Lim’s nephew expressed disappointment that it took two years to arrest Ms. Townes. He said, “It’s kind of upsetting. It took two years, and we had to wait till she caused another accident to catch her.”

Reporters investigated further into Ms. Townes and discovered that in the last decade, she has been charged with driving on a suspended license, theft, shoplifting, and criminal trespass. Driver Daniel Dabbs told reporters, “It’s a tragedy and she shouldn’t have been out driving.”

Atlanta Car Accident Attorneys

This tragic case shows the danger of perpetual reckless drivers. Sabrina Townes destroyed more than one life and impacted families. Safe driving is important for everyone, because none of us are alone on the road and people like Ms. Leake and Mr. Lim were just unlucky to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer. To discuss the specifics of your case and any steps to move forward in legal avenues to help pay for any injuries and suffering, as well as try to prevent further reckless driving, contact the Law Office of Sammons & Carpenter as soon as possible at 404-814-8948, or fill out our confidential online case evaluation form for a free consultation today.

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