Driver Fleeing From Police Causes Crash

Drivers trying to evade the law can be especially dangerous, as the adrenaline and irrationality, caused by fear of getting caught, causes them to take even more risks than they might have taken otherwise. Our Atlanta car accident attorneys know this is absolutely no excuse for causing accidents and hurting others while trying to get away from the police. But it is still a type of vehicle accident that happens all too frequently.

This is exactly what happened late last week with 20-year-old James Logan Moran, according to news reports. Moran’s Honda Civic was traveling westbound on Dothan Road when a police officer from the Decatur County Sherriff’s Department, Captain Pat Trolinger, clocked him at 75 miles per hour, which is 30MPH over the speed limit in that area. The police officer, naturally, turned on the flashing lights and sirens of his patrol car, but lost sight of Moran’s car in the evening rush hour traffic. Moran kept speeding, swerving around cars, and ran a red light at the intersecting corner of  Dothan Road and Newton Road. He then smashed into a Pontiac Grand Prix as the other car tried to turn into a parking lot. The driver of the Grand Prix was taken to Memorial Hospital by ambulance to treat his minor injuries. But even after hitting the other car, Moran kept driving in the parking lot until multiple cars from the Sheriff’s office finally cornered him, after the car chase and crash.

Moran was arrested and a search of his Honda Civil uncovered a bag of what appeared to be marijuana. Moran claimed he was speeding away from the cop car at such speed and with such reckless determination because he was driving with a suspended driver’s license and was afraid of getting caught. In the end, he was charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana, speeding, leaving the scene of an accident, driving while license withdrawn, and fleeing or attempting to elude a police officer.

Whatever Moran was thinking, hurting innocent bystanders in other vehicles by causing an accident because you are trying to avoid the police is a horrible thing to do. Aside from the police problem, this kind of reckless driving behavior causes injuries and property damage, and possibly even death. Moran was lucky his reckless driving did not do more harm, both to himself and others. It is especially a shame because this type of car accident is 100% avoidable.

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