Distracted Driving Awareness Month Focuses on Car Accident Risks

April is distracted driving awareness month, and unfortunately the public safety activities during this month are more important than ever because a substantial number of people continue to drive while they are distracted despite the serious dangers of doing so.  atlanta distracted driving accident

When a driver is distracted and causes a collision to occur, the driver should be held accountable if he hurts others. An Atlanta distracted driving accident lawyer can help victims of a collision to pursue a claim for damages and to hold the distracted driver accountable for the harm that he has caused. You should contact a distracted driving lawyer as soon as possible to find out what options you have for pursuing a claim and to begin putting together your case for compensation.


Understanding Atlanta Car Accident Risks During Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Huffington Post reported on troubling statistics about distracted driving to raise awareness of this dangerous behavior during Distracted Driving Awareness Month.  According to the Huffington Post, one out of every three drivers engages in distracted driving behavior, with a full 88 percent of young millennials indicating they engaged in at least one risky behavior while driving.

Phone use is the most common type of distracted driving behavior, and statistics show that far too many motorists are using their phones in very dangerous ways while driving. For example:

  • Seven out of 10 people do some type of activity on their smartphone while they are driving their cars.
  • 62% of people keep their phones easily accessible while they are driving their cars.
  • Close to four out of 10 people who use smartphones while driving use social media programs.
  • One out of three people who use smart phones while driving browse the Internet.
  • One out of 10 people who use smart phones will use video chat while they are driving. Among the people who take these videos, 27 percent believe they can drive safely while they are making a recording.
  • More than 25 percent of people responding to a survey about distracted driving behavior indicated they use Facebook while they are driving their cars.
  • One in seven people said they use Twitter while driving, and 30 percent of the Twitter users admit to using twitter “all the time” as they are behind the wheel.
  • Of those who use social networks while they are driving their cars, 22 percent of people said they do so because they are addicted to social media networks.

These are just some of many disturbing statistics illustrating the tremendous dangers of distracted driving.  Any motorist who is using his phone could increase his or her risk of becoming involved in a collision. Using apps like Facebook and Twitter, or making videos while driving is especially high risk. Motorists who opt to engage in these behaviors need to be held accountable if they cause a crash due to their actions. An Atlanta distracted driving accident lawyer can help victims to pursue a case to get compensation for losses.

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