Deadly Truck Accident Shows Importance of Truck Safety In Atlanta

A deadly truck collision has demonstrated again how important it is for trucks to be designed, maintained, and operated safely. The truck crash, which was reported on by NBC, took the life of a pregnant woman, two children, and another adult involved in the accident. Like in most truck collisions, those who were killed were not in the truck at the time when the fatal accident happened. The victims who lost their lives to the truck crash were in other vehicles. The crash that killed them was an underride accident, which is one of the deadliest types of truck collisions that occur on U.S. roads.


Whenever crash victims are hurt or killed in any type of collision involving a commercial vehicle, it is important for those injured or for surviving family members to speak with an Atlanta truck accident lawyer. There may be multiple parties who victims could potentially file a civil claim against in order for the victims or their families to be able to obtain full compensation for serious losses or fatal injuries the truck crash causes.

Atlanta Trucks Need Good Underride Guards to Prevent Dangerous Crashes

According to NBC, the cause of the recent fatal truck crash which took five lives has not yet been determined, and an investigation is underway. The driver of the big rig sustained no injuries in the crash. One of the vehicles that had been involved in the crash actually ended up entangled underneath the truck somehow, although investigators are not yet sure how the car got under the truck. The driver inside of that car was killed in the incident.

When the car slid underneath the truck, it punctured the gas tank, causing a fire to break out. The third vehicle that had been involved in the car accident was completely destroyed by the fire, with vehicle occupants sustaining fatal injuries.

Preventing truck crashes like this one is essential, and truck drivers must ensure they are reasonably cautious when operating large commercial vehicles.  Even when drivers are careful and accidents happen anyway, the consequences can still be tragic.  In this case, the dangers to motorists caused by the crash was exacerbated significantly when one car slide under the truck.

Underride guards are supposed to prevent cars from going underneath the body of trucks when collisions happen. Unfortunately, they are not always effective- as they clearly were not in this case.  Insurance Institute for Highway Safety determined by conducting crash tests that failure of underride guards was very common. Crash tests showing problems with underride guard failure occurred back in 2011, and the IIHS has been advocating for stricter regulations so truck drivers and companies would be forced to get better underride guards that were more likely to effective stop cars from going under trucks when a car crash occurs.  No change has yet been made.

If rules had been modified in relation to underride guards and guards had to work better, this recent tragic trash crash could perhaps have been prevented or the damage could have been mitigated so five people did not die in the accident.  Trucking companies, manufacturers of trucks and safety equipment, and drivers all need to make an effort to stop deadly truck crashes- and good underride guards may be one answer to reducing risks.

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