Deadly Head-On Crash in Georgia

A deadly car accident occured over the weekend near the Alabama state line in LaGrange, Georgia. News stories confirmed that five people died in this horrible crash, and two more were injured.

The crash occured on Friday evening, around 6:40pm, on GA-14 in Troup County. Willie Hooks, 28, was driving a 1986 Oldsmobile Cutlass at high speed. He moved into oncoming traffic to pass the car in front of him, even though he was in a no-passing zone. He smashed the Oldsmobile head-on into a 1995 Pontiac Grand Am. That crash killed Willie Hooks and four people in the Pontiac, injuring the two other Pontiac passengers. An eye witness, John Hart, said he saw the Oldsmobile speed past, and Willie had plenty of room to move back over into the correct lane but seemed determined to pass one more car when the Pontiac came around the other side of the knoll. Other drivers pulled over after the crash and tried to help the victims, who had to be cut out of the cars. The witness said the cars were silent, however, without even any moans or pleas for help. Mr. Hart describe the car, “The car was bent like an L and the back end was raised so you could see the gas tank and the shock absorbers.” 320px-MS1_on_stretcher

Georgia State Patrol’s spokesperson said that alcohol was suspected as a factor in Willie Hooks’ reckless driving and that a blood sample was taken. The four other victims were the driver of the Pontiac, Melanie Kay Lemmon, 23, and her passengers, 37-year-old Miranda Hurston, her 16-year-old son Tridarius, and one-year-old grandson, Quamauri. The two injured survivors were Miranda Hurston’s daughters, 18-year-old Shaquavious, mother of the deceased infant, and 15-year-old Jayvianna. Both young women were flown to area hospitals, suffering from head trauma and are fighting to live.

Miranda Hurston’s sister- an aunt to Tridarius and the girls and a great aunt to Quamauri- said,  “No family deserves to go through this situation.”  Melanie Lemmon’s fiancé, David, told reporters, “All I can say is people should slow down [because] the car you hit might contain someone really special to somebody.”

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