Daylight Savings and Increased Atlanta Auto Accident Risks

Daylight Savings went into effect on March 12. This change in the clocks may seem harmless, but unfortunately it can actually increase the risks of an Atlanta motor vehicle accident occurring. According to WTOP, research from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has shown a significant increase in deadly automobile accidents when the clocks change.  This increased risk of a deadly collision lasts for a full six days after the time change. Atlanta car accidents daylight savings

Drivers need to be aware that daylight savings time can make the roads more dangerous. Motorists need to ensure they are being responsible behind the wheel at all times. If a driver causes a collision to occur because he’s not driving safely or following the rules of the road, that motorists could be sued by victims of a collision he causes, or could be sued by the family members of victims if a crash is fatal.

An Atlanta car accident lawyer can help victims to determine if they have a claim, so it is important to contact an attorney as soon as possible following a crash. 

Daylight Savings Increases the Risk of Atlanta Car Accidents

According to WTOP, daylight savings increases the risk of fatal auto accidents because drivers are more likely to be fatigued while driving during the days after the time change. Adjusting to the change in time can interfere with sleep, often causing motorists not to get enough rest until their body’s adjust. If a driver gets just four to five hours of sleep, the driver’s risk of causing a collision is comparable to someone who is legally intoxicated – so it is very dangerous if drivers on the road are overtired because the clocks changed.

Drowsy driving is always a problem, with three in 10 motorists indicating they’d driven in the past month at least one time when they were having a hard time keeping their eyes open due to fatigue. Drivers continue to operate vehicles while fatigued even though 95.9 percent of drivers responding to an AAA survey described drowsy driving as “a serious threat to their safety and a completely unacceptable behavior.”

When daylight savings occurs and causes an even greater number of motorists than normal to drive while fatigued, it is not surprising that the risk of a fatal auto accident increases. Motorists need to ensure they are responsible and try to get sufficient sleep, even if their schedule is not yet adjusted. Drivers also need to do the responsible thing and stop and rest if they find themselves having a hard time staying awake, rather than continuing to try to drive.

If a motorist does drive while he is too tired, he should be held accountable if he causes a collision. An Atlanta car accident lawyer can help victims of a drowsy driving accident to prove driver fatigue was the cause of the crash.

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