Couple Killed Driving to Outback Bowl

This time of year, watching football games is a tradition for many families. Around the beginning of the New Year is Bowl Game season for college football fans. But this year one family’s trip to the New Years Day Outback Bowl turned into tragedy.  Our Atlanta car accident attorneys read a story about a couple, Kenneth Eugene Behrens, 64 years old, and Margaret Elaine Brehrens, his 65 year old wife, who were on their way to the Outback Bowl in Tampa, Florida in a sport-utility vehicle, with more relatives in a minivan ahead of them. The Behrens, residents of eastern Iowa, were lifelong University of Iowa fans and were going to see their team play against Louisiana State University.  They never made it to the game, though, due to a terrible car crash.


The car crash happened on I-75 ten miles south of Perry in south-central Georgia on Sunday afternoon. The Georgia State Patrol said that the Behrens’ were slowing down due to traffic on the road when another car hit them from behind, forcing both cars into a guardrail, causing the Behrens’ vehicle overturn.  Kenneth Behrens was thrown from the driver’s seat into the passenger seat by the impact.  The following car, driven by 19 year old Benjamin Blake from Ohio, was travelling at high speed when it hit the Behrens. Both Behrens died in the accident. A 13 year old passenger in the backseat survived and was uninjured.  Mr. Blake was also uninjured. The accident is still under investigation to determine exactly what happened, but charges are pending against Mr. Blake.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) found that 29 percent of accidents are rear end collisions, which result in significant injuries and fatalities each year. Of these crashes, what happened to the Behrens is the most common – the lead vehicle slows down or stops prior to the accident.  A 2012 NHTSA study found that 87 percent of rear end crashes involved some degree of distraction by the following car.  Only 40 percent of following drivers were looking forward when the lead car started breaking in these rear end crash scenarios.  These numbers show that distracted driving, especially in areas of stopped or slowing traffic, is a real hazard for rear end car accidents.  More needs to be done to encourage safe driving and crack down on distracted driving and speeding to prevent tragedies like the Behrens accident from occurring.

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