Cops Tell Mom of Son’s Fatal Car Accident through Facebook

This blog has discussed how technology has impacted car accidents by  contributing to distracted driving and also influencing court cases. Now our Georgia car accident attorneys noticed a strange, tragic, and sad news story related to a car accident victim in our state.

An Alpharetta, Georgia woman, Anna Lamb-Creasey, told reporters that she found out about her son’s death in a car accident from a Facebook message. Her son, 30-year-old Rickie Lamb, died after being hit by a car while he tried to cross Tara Boulevard in Jonesboro, just outside Atlanta, late on January 24. His mother only learned of his death three weeks later on February 14.  Clayton County police spokesman Kevin Hughes said the police department tried to contact Mr. Lamb’s family through conventional methods, including contacting other area police stations for information, but could not get in touch with anyone. He noted Mr. Lamb didn’t have a current ID to help identify his family.

But it still seems a bit bizarre to everyone how the police used a fake named account, for “Misty Hancock” with a picture of the rapper TI, to send Mr. Lamb’s family a Facebook message to inform them. The message went into Ms. Lamb-Creasey’s “other” folder on facebook because it was from an unrecognized sender, and she did not notice it. The family finally figured it out when Mr. Lamb’s sister, who also got the message, opened it 20 days after it was sent. The message only told the family to call the police station, and it was only when they did that they learned of Mr. Lamb’s death.

The police had no answer about why the “Misty Hancock” pseudonym was used, other than to say police sometimes use it for investigations and that Facebook has become a useful tool in police work. The name was a big part of the confusion, as Ms. Lamb-Creasey and her family did not have any idea the message was from the police department. The grieving mother also noted that she’d been working in the same place for 13 years and thought it was pretty strange that the police couldn’t track her down through normal methods, when part of their job is to track down people during investigations of crimes.

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