Chicken Truck Accidents

Our Atlanta tractor trailer accident lawyers read about a strange coincidence of two accidents involving trucks carrying live chickens, with one of the accidents tragically costing the life of a man and seriously injuring his young daughter.


The accidents happened in late January. The first was early on a Monday morning on U.S. 129 near the intersection of Athens Street in Gainesville in Hall County. A truck driven by 76-year-old George Shellie Knapp, who was on his way to work, pulled out in front of a tractor trailer, driven by 43-year-old Abel Mendieta, carrying live chickens for Pilgrim’s Pride. The tractor trailer overturned, blocking lanes during morning rush hour. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured in this accident, although Mr. Knapp and Mr. Mendieta suffered minor injuries, according to the Georgia State Patrol. However, PETA is requesting a memorial to the chickens that died at the scene, saying at a minimum it would remind passing motorists to be more alert and prevent future crashes. Mr. Knapp, who is a deputy at the Hall County Sheriff’s Office, was charged with failure to yield when entering or crossing a roadway.

There was a second accident in the same week, on Tuesday evening, involving a truck carrying live chickens as well. Jason D. Johnson Jr., 32 years old, was driving a 2000 Honda CRX with his nine-year-old daughter as a passenger in the car. At the same time, 56-year-old Jeffrey L. Akins was driving a 2005 International tractor with a trailer loaded full of live chickens. The tractor stopped at an intersection and was about to cross the northbound lanes when the emergency air-line supply to the trailer malfunctioned, locking the trailer wheels. The tractor stopped in the roadway, blocking the northbound lanes. Mr. Akins tried to maneuver the tractor out of the way of oncoming cars, but could not. Mr. Johnson was on the road in the wrong place at the wrong time and smashed into the trailer between the rear wheels. The Honda CRX slid under the trailer. Mr. Johnson died at the scene. His daughter, who was sitting in the back seat, was taken to Milford Memorial Hospital by emergency workers. Mr. Akins was not injured. The accident is still under investigation.

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