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Riding a bicycle is a favorite childhood activity for many young people, but unfortunately it is a very high-risk activity. In fact, CBS recently reported on troubling research published in a journal called Accident Analysis and Prevention that showed serious injuries among children on bikes are pervasive and send hundreds of kids to the ER each day.  atlanta bike accident

Many bicycle accidents involving children occur because dangerous drivers fail to take basic precautions to keep young people safe. If your child is hurt in an accident with a negligent driver, you should contact an Atlanta bike accident lawyer for help as soon as possible. An attorney can assist you in pursuing a claim for compensation so you’ll have the money you need to get your son or daughter medical help and maximize their quality of life after serious injuries.

Atlanta Bike Accidents Put Children at Grave Risk of Injury

A disturbing new study released recently by AAA Traffic Safety Foundation should be cause for concern for every Atlanta motorist. The study shows young adult drivers ages 19 to 24 do not take driving dangers seriously. In fact, motorists in this demographic group tend to engage in high risk behaviors behind the wheel and many of these young motorists find dangerous driving behaviors to be acceptable.  atlanta accident risks of young drivers

When young adult drivers engage in high-risk behavior, they put every motorist who is on the road with them at risk of being hurt or killed. If a young adult driver causes an accident to happen, victims need to know how to pursue a claim to get compensation from this irresponsible motorist who hurt them. An Atlanta car accident lawyer can help victims or their families to take appropriate legal action in a wrongful death claim.

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The New Year is fast approaching and many people will be out and about on New Years Eve. Unfortunately, New Years Eve is one of the most dangerous days on the roads in the United States. New Years is a high risk time because of increased travel, as people visit friends and family members and head out to celebrations. One of the biggest risks on New Years Eve, however, is motorists who drink to celebrate and then drive while intoxicated. Atlanta car accident risks

It is important that everyone who will be driving on New Years Eve follow best practices to try to reduce the risk of auto accidents on this dangerous day. If a crash does happen, victims of the accident must understand what options they have available to them for making a damage claim and seeking compensation for losses.

An Atlanta car accident attorney can represent injured victims and those whose loved ones were killed in auto accidents, so contact us as soon as possible if a tragedy causes you to be hurt or takes your family member away.

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file0001847431097Our Atlanta car accident attorneys see too many cases of drunk driving costing the lives of Georgians. A recent news story about Philip Lutzenkirchen, a former football star at Auburn University, and the accident that caused his death, highlight this problem once again.

Details of the Crash

The accident happened in the early hours of the morning near LaGrange on June 29. According to a friend, they were going to get food at the time. Both Lutzenkirchen, a tight end who helped Auburn to a national championship in 2010, and the car’s driver were drunk. The car, a 2006 Chevy Tahoe, was driving southbound on Upper Big Springs Road. The driver didn’t stop or slow down at a stop sign at the intersection of Lower Big Springs Road. The Chevy crossed the intersection and smashed into the ditch. According to the police report, it kept going for another 89 feet and hit a fence which caused the car to go airborne. Ith then ran into another ditch along the driveway of the Big Springs Methodist Church before flipping over three times. Police suspected the involvement of alcohol in the crash from the outset.

Our Atlanta vehicle accident attorneys read about a bus company based in Atlanta that has been shut down for safety problems with both its vehicles and drivers.

Bus Window

An Atlanta-based bus company has been shut down for failing to ensure the safety of its vehicles and drivers, according to a federal agency. The company, STSC Transportation Services Inc., provides routes between Philadelphia and New York City for $10 one way and $20 round trip. It started in July 2013 and had eight daily trips between the cities. It now has to stop all passenger operations by order of the US Transportation Department’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration because they were endangering the safety of the public. This includes a halt to all interstate and intrastate operations. The reasons for the order to stop operations was a lack of systematic inspections, repairs and maintenance on the buses, failing to test drivers for alcohol and drug use, not ensuring drivers were properly qualified and licensed, and not maintaining proper safety records, which should have been at STSC’s registered Atlanta address.

The Department of Transportation found violations beginning in November 2013. Specifically, STSC was cited six times during inspections for operating buses that were placed out of service for safety reasons. STSC also did not provide records of annual inspections, maintenance and repairs on its buses, and inspections also showed emergency exits that could not be opened. There were no required random drug and alcohol tests for drivers performed. STSC also did not adhere to federal regulations on hours of work to prevent drivers that are too tired. In failing to adhere, the company also has missing or falsified records on duty status.