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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) can initiate rules and, if those rules are passed, can impose requirements on vehicle manufacturers. This includes manufacturers of large trucks. The NHTSA will start the rule making process if it is believed there is a legitimate safety need that could be served. i-haul-299523-m

Trucking Info reports that four different highway safety lobbies have petitioned the NHTSA to begin the rule making process to create a rule requiring forward collision avoidance and mitigation braking systems on all new trucks and buses that have a gross vehicle weight of 10,000 or more. The hope is that these systems would reduce the risk that truck driver error could cause the trucks to hit obstacles in their path. Continue Reading

Our Atlanta tractor trailer accident attorneys saw a news report about a tractor trailer crash on I-20 this week that injured two people. A FedEx tandem-trailer truck rear ended a converted school bus while the bus drove slowly in the right lane. A Georgia State Patrol spokeswoman wrote, “After impact, both vehicles traveled off the right shoulder of the roadway and overturned.file481287608833 (1) At some point after the crash, both vehicles caught on fire.” The truck driver, who sustained critical injuries, was airlifted to Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, where he was taken to the burn unit upon arrival. The bus driver was taken to Tanner Medical Center in Villa Rica. Police closed the westbound lanes of I-20 for about three hours due to the crash and resulting fire.

This week’s crash was just one example of many dangerous accidents involving large trucks on the road. Earlier this month, a tractor trailer rear-ended a mail truck while the mail truck made deliveries in a residential area. The mail truck overturned before stopping upside down in a resident’s front yard. The impact caused mail to scatter across the yard. The driver of the mail truck became stuck underneath her vehicle, and Gordon County firefighters were forced to remove her from the car. According to a Georgia State Patrol Trooper, she was in stable condition when a Gordon County EMS ambulance took her to Floyd Medical Center. A gas leak also occurred as a result of the crash. The tractor trailer driver faces a charge of following too closely.

Luckily, neither crash caused any fatalities, but the fire and gas leaks still caused real damage. These accidents have the potential to be enormously dangerous or even fatal. Extra caution must be taken when driving, or when driving near, large vehicles such as tractor trailers.

Our Atlanta car accident lawyers saw the news about a fatal car crash from a couple weeks ago. At around 11pm on a Sunday night, a car tire burst on I-75 near Valdosta in Lowndes County. The car, a Honda Accord, spun out of control and hit a retaining wall, with the rear of the car still blocking the left lane. A Toyota 4Runner traveling down the highway strucfile2811244091888k the Accord. One of the the 4Runner’s occupants had to be air-lifted to Tallahassee for medical treatment. The driver of the Accord was taken to South Georgia Medical Center for treatment.

About 20 minutes after the initial accident, while traffic was still moving slowly, another crash occurred along the same stretch of I-75. Sergeant Carl Taylor of the Georgia State Patrol said, “Traffic had stopped due to the first crash on the interstate, and for whatever reason, a tractor trailer Southbound struck the stopped vehicles in the road way. It made contact with a total of, I believe, seven other vehicles, which would be a total of eight vehicles in this crash.” Corporal Peter Lukas of the Georgia State Patrol said, “There was three semis involved, one U-Haul, one F-250 with a camper and three other vehicles.”The second accident severely damaged two cars and caused four deaths. 13 others were taken to the hospital with injuries.

According to Sergeant Taylor, an initial investigation indicates the accident might be to due distracted driving by the tractor trailer’s driver. Police took blood samples, but neither alcohol nor other intoxicants were found to have factored into the crash. SGMC treated the tractor trailer’s driver for non-life threatening injuries, and he could face multiple charges related to the crash. An investigation by the Georgia State Patrol’s Specialized Collision Reconstruction Team is ongoing. It is estimated the investigation could take more than a month to complete.

Our Atlanta car accident attorneys read about a multi vehicle accident hat happened in Macedonia in Cherokee County last week. The accident happened on Ga. 20 near Beavers Road and Cherokee County Fire and Emergency Services and Canton Fire spent more than three hours clearing the wreckage.


Specifics of the Accident

At 3:15 p.m. last Wednesday, a white Ford Super Duty F-250 pickup truck, driven by an unidentified teenager, was travelling eastbound on Ga. 20, also known as Cumming Highway. A Toyota Avalon had slowed for traffic, in an effort to avoid a collision according to Georgia State Patrol spokesperson Tracey Watson, when the Ford clipped the back end. Then the Ford went into the westbound lanes and smashed into a tractor trailer head on. The tractor trailer then hit a Chevrolet Silverado, showing how one incident can often cause a chain reaction on the road. The 15-year-old driver of the Ford was taken by helicopter to Grady Hospital in Atlanta. Tim Cavender of the Fire-ES Department said firefighters “worked hard to remove the male driver from the heavily damage truck so he could be life-flighted by helicopter to Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta.”“The driver was conscious and alert and had multiple injuries to his lower extremities,” he said. He also said the young driver had been charged with following too closely. The teenage driver’s grandfather, a 77-year-old man, was also in the Ford pickup truck at the time, and was taken to WellStar Kennestone Hospital with minor injuries. The driver of the tractor trailer, 43-year-old Wilfred D. Bernard, was also hurt and complained of back pain. He was taken to Northside Hospital-Cherokee, according to the Georgia State Patrol. And the driver of the Chevy, 81-year-old Jimmy West, complained of chest pains after the accident. He was taken to North Fulton Hospital. The driver of the Avalon, a 76-year-old woman, appeared to be fine.

Our Atlanta car accident attorneys read about a tragic car accident in which five people died, including three children. The accident happened around 10:45 a.m. in Hall County on a Monday morning. A Ford Explorer was driving on Athens Highway near Oak Grove Road and left its lane, crossing the concrete median and going into the oncoming lane. At that time, a tractor trailer travelling in the opposite direction smashed into the Explorer head on. Four people in the Explorer died at the scene, members of two families that had been friends and neighbors for decades, including the 34-year-old driver Amanda Lynn Pardue, and a 53-year-old passenger, Robbie Hollis. Also among the tragic deaths were an eight-year-old girl, Kaleigh Emfinger, the daughter of Ms. Pardue, and a 13-year-old, Dalton Martin, Mr. Hollis’s grandson. A two-year-old, who was riding in a booster seat, was still alive when rescue workers got there, and he was taken to Northeast Georgia Medical Center. But the child, Elli Emfinger, also Ms. Pardue’s child, died at the hospital from his injuries later that night.  He would have turned three this month.

Ford ExplorerA six-year-old boy, Ethan Emfinger, another son of Ms. Pardue, was also supposed to be in the car, but asked to stay home that day. The family told reporters they are grateful that this little boy is still alive. The Hollises had been friends with Ms. Pardue and her family, and were almost as connected as family, spending time at each others houses and looking after each others children.

The driver of the tractor trailer was also taken to Northeast Georgia Medical Center and was in stable condition.

Our Atlanta tractor trailer accident attorneys read about a fatal tractor trailer accident that happened in Barrow County. Earlier this month, a Dodge 3500 with a trailer was driving westbound on Georgia 316 near Patrick Mill Road. The driver, 44-year-old Richard Shane Moore, stopped because he couldn’t pass a lawn mower that was in the middle of the road between lanes. Following the Dodge 3500 was a 1989 Dodge Ram 50 pickup truck. The pickup truck, driven by 29-year-old Cody Grayson Brantley, slowed down to stop for the Dodge 3500, but a tractor trailer slammed into the back of the pick up, causing the pickup to crash into the Dodge 3500 right in front of it in a chain reaction crash. The tractor trailer overturned, as did the trailer the Dodge 3500 was pulling, and Mr. Brantley was killed in the accident.  Mr. Moore was taken to Athens Regional Medical Center, and no information was released on his condition. Photographs show how the Dodge Ram pick up truck was flattened, and the tractor trailer had careened into a guard rail, bending it.

Dodge LogoThe driver of the tractor trailer was Roger Bly, a 40-year-old man from Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Police arrested him and he was booked into Barrow County jail. He has now been charged with second degree homicide by a vehicle and following too closely. Both are misdemeanor crimes.

The fatal crash backed up traffic in both directions for almost ten hours as police and emergency personnel tried to deal with the tragic accident, and also the resulting diesel spill. While this was ongoing, a second crash happened in the eastbound lanes of 316, according to the Barrow County Sheriff’s Office.

Our Atlanta tractor trailer accident attorneys read about a deadly accident that closed Georgia 316 this week involving a tractor trailer and a pickup truck. And that accident was only the first of two, the second of which happened while officials were on the scene investigating the first accident.

Red Pickup TruckIn the first accident, which happened on Wednesday around 1:30 p.m., a red pickup truck towing a trailer was hit from behind by a tractor trailer, which caused the pickup truck to overturn near Patrick Mill Road in Barrow County. Barrow County Sheriff’s Office also stated that a second commercial vehicle was involved in this accident, a tractor cutting grass along the highway. Reports say another car might have been involved as well. Photographs from the scene show the red pickup nearly flattened from the impact of the crash. The driver of that truck, 29-year-old Cody Grayson Brantley from Winder, died at the scene of the accident. The accident closed down Georgia 316. Another person was taken to the hospital with unknown injuries, according to Lieutenant Scott Darkin of the Barrow County Sheriff’s Office. The westbound lanes were closed from Highway 81 to Patrick Mill Road, and the eastbound lanes at Patrick Mill Road for several hours, with traffic backed up in both directions. Westbound lanes had to be closed even longer to clear debris from the road. This was complicated by a diesel fuel spill from the tractor trailer that started this chain of events, which emergency personnel had to work to try to contain. Drivers were asked to find alternative routes to get where they were going. The roads were closed for eight hours and didn’t reopen until 11 p.m.

The second accident happened in the eastbound lanes immediately across from the wreckage in the westbound lane, according to the sheriff’s office. One person from this second accident also had to be taken to the hospital with injuries. Both crashes are still under investigation by the Georgia State Patrol, according to Lieutenant Darkin.

Our Atlanta tractor trailer accident lawyers read a recent news story about a logging truck that hit a passenger vehicle; fortunately no one was hurt.

LogsA young woman, 19-year-old Kiersten Close, was on her way for a beach day. She was about to pick up her friend and was turning into the friend’s driveway when her planned fun day was ruined by an accident around 12 p.m. The Toyota Corolla she was driving was hit by a Neidlinger log truck on Highway 17 in Guyton, totalling the car. It happened as she was turning, and the truck driver tried to go around her but accidentally hit the Toyota from an angle. The Toyota Corolla spun out and eventually stopped facing the opposite direction. The log truck flipped over after hitting her car and spilled logs across the highway. Kiersten said, “It happened so fast, and afterward I was sitting there and I just prayed, honestly. I was like, ‘Thank you, Lord.’” The young woman walked away from the crash, and was incredibly lucky not to have been hurt. She said she was a little sore and had hit her head on the side of the car but otherwise she was fine. “I just kind of got started spinning and I hit my head, but (the impact) didn’t feel that bad. Then I realized it was kind of bad when I tried to get out of my car and I couldn’t even open my door. So I was very shocked,” said Kiersten of the moments after the crash. She knows how lucky she was, saying, “They said if I would’ve been two feet farther, I would’ve died. I guess that God was with me, so I’m very, very grateful.” In an unusual occurrence, the truck driver was the one injured, and had to be taken to Memorial Health University Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries.

The stretch of road where the accident happened has a bad reputation however. Kiersten said people “fly” down the road, blaming this for the accident. She told reporters, “People just come too fast, and log trucks and stuff can’t stop very well. I think that was part of the problem.” Georgia State Patrol spokesman Joel Mock said that the investigation into the logging truck crash is on-going and that charges could be filed if it is determined it is appropriate.

Our Atlanta tractor trailer accident attorneys saw a news story last week about a fiery crash involving no less than four tractor trailers.


The crash occurred in the far right lane of I-20 as trucks slowed down for the exit to the weigh station between Lee Road and Thornton Road on Thursday afternoon, March 13. The first truck slowed down and then the second truck smashed into the rear of the first truck. It caused a chain reaction with the third truck hitting the second truck, and the fourth truck hitting the third truck.

Sergeant Keith Smalley, field operations sergeant with the state patrol’s motor carrier compliance division, said although trucks were slowing down, traffic was not stopped.  He said, “According to state patrol investigating agency, they were actually moving at about a 25 to 30 mile-per-hour pace.” He also said that road construction in the area had disabled the electronic system that tells drivers when the weigh station is full, but that a manual system was still in place at the time. An eye witness, Benjamin Jefferson, was stuck in the traffic that resulted. He drove up to the accident scene soon after it happened. “There was all sorts of thick black smoke going up in flames way up into the trees. That went on for about 15 minutes and then the fire people sort of got it under control,” he told reporters.

Georgia has been hit with storm after storm in the last few months, as our Georgia truck accident lawyers know. Another storm last week, this one involving heavy rains, high winds and tornadoes, slammed parts of Georgia, causing power outages and other damage. According to news reports, the bad weather also hindered efforts to clear a tractor trailer accident, which was stopping traffic on both I-285 and I-20.


The tractor trailer was hauling copper wire. It overturned at about 3:30 a.m., hitting the median wall and knocking pieces of it into the opposing lane on I-285. The rain and wind made it extremely difficult to clear this accident and get everything moving again. It was fortunate there were not more accidents in this latest bout of bad weather.

Most accidents are unrelated to bad weather, though, and another accident in the news recently shows again how dangerous road accidents can be. In Valdosta, several people were injured when a SUV and a minivan crashed at an intersection on Tuesday morning. The SUV tried to make a left turn and the minivan ran straight into it. People from both cars were taken to local hospitals for treatment, although none were seriously injured, according to Valdosta Fire Captain Ronald Skrine. The driver of the SUV had to be extricated from the vehicle by rescuers, but was incredibly lucky to only have cuts and bruises. Especially since one witness described the accident as, “Silver [SUV] popped up in the air, flipped, smashed down. It was bad.”  Captain Skrine said, “She was conscious, she could move a little bit. She did have some severe cuts and bruises.”  The same witness also said of the other vehicle, “The fella in the gold van, he got out, took his kids out [and] handed them to the pedestrians.” Captain Skrine said, “I don’t know the extent of [the driver of the gold van’s] injuries, he didn’t appear to be hurt as bad as the driver in the rolled over vehicle.” He also noted, “There were several kids that were reported to us to be involved in the accident, however they were not in the vehicle that rolled over and they appear to be okay.” Investigators are still looking into the accident to determine exactly what happened.