Car Crash Kills Murder Suspect

Other drivers’ risky behavior on the road can impact innocent drivers and bystanders, often causing horrible and unnecessary vehicle accidents. Even when other innocent drivers are not harmed, this kind of dangerous driving behavior must be discouraged any way possible.

In the news this week, there is a story about a 15-year-old driver near the Florida-Georgia border fleeing a trailing police car. She reached slower traffic on Interstate 95, weaved onto the right shoulder, and then over-corrected crossing three lanes of traffic and running into trees in Camden County. The 15-year-old, reported to be a runaway girl, was driving with passenger, Christian Joseph Murphy, a 21-year-old suspected murderer. The crash killed Murphy.

The murder was the reason the police was tailing the gold Nissan Maxima the girl was driving. In Titusville, Florida, 41-year-old Michelle Renee Chappell was found dismembered in containers at an area home in the 200 block of Avilez Boulevard last weekend. Police said Murphy knew Chappell and the Georgia State Patrol says the Nissan was registered to the murder victim. The GSP started pursuing the car nine miles across the state border in Georgia.  Florida police state that Murphy sold three bracelets belonging to the murder victim for about $130 and also bragged to a friend about killing her and referencing the TV show Dexter, which portrays a serial killer in Miami. He offered to show the friend Chappell’s dismembered body.

It is unclear what the 15-year-old runaway’s relationship was to Murphy. She suffered only minor injuries in the car crash and has been taken to the Regional Youth Detention Center in Waycross. Area police are also looking for a suspected “good Samaritan” who helped the pair when the Nissan ran out of gas. He gave them gas to get to a gas station and then paid for their gas. This good Samaritan may have more information relevant to the investigation.

The bottom line of this car crash story is that it is fortunate that in their haste to avoid the police, no other cars or innocent people were involved. The role of the 15-year-old driver is still unclear, but her speeding and reckless driving could have injured or killed other people had the circumstances been different. She is also lucky to have only suffered minor injuries herself – she could have suffered more serious consequences as well. Aside from the crime of trying to evade police, vehicle chases are incredibly dangerous (see here for a blog posting about injuries from a police chase.Criminals and those who help them should be held liable for the damages they cause in their foolish attempts to escape justice.

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