Can Rearview Cameras Prevent Atlanta Backover Accident Deaths?

Backover accidents are a common cause of injuries and fatalities, especially among children. Backover collisions occur when a driver is reversing, usually from a driveway or a parking space, and runs over a person who is behind the vehicle. Frequently, the driver who runs over the victim simply cannot see who is behind him because the victim is in the driver’s blind spot. In some cases, drivers are also negligent and don’t look behind them or check their rearview mirrors to make sure the coast is clear before pulling out. car accident 1

Negligent drivers can be held accountable if they are unreasonably careless or don’t follow safety rules by checking to ensure the coast is clear before pulling out. An Atlanta car accident lawyer can assist victims of backover accidents in understanding their legal rights and pursuing a damage claim to obtain compensation for the crash. Unfortunately, nothing can ever truly make up for the losses a collision can cause. Preventing backover crashes needs to be a top priority and rear-view camera systems may be one answer.

Can Rearview Cameras Prevent Atlanta Backover Accidents?

According to The Auto Channel, rearview cameras could make a big difference in reducing the number of people who die in backover accidents. AAA evaluated 17 different vehicles with rear-view cameras. The vehicles were manufactured by 11 different car makers. Some of the vehicles had factory-installed rear-view camera systems while other vehicles had after market systems.

All of the different cameras made a substantial difference in how well the motorist could see what was behind him. The increased visibility from the camera ranged from a 36 percent improvement in smaller vehicles like sedans to a 75 percent improvement in larger vehicles like hatchbacks. There was also increased visibility in large trucks, which fell right in the middle range in terms of improvement in safety resulting from rear-view cameras.

A spokesperson for AAA was careful to note that the cameras should be considered a “supplement for drivers” and that they do not replace the need to check around the vehicle for obstacles before backing up. However, the cameras can make a big difference in terms of helping drivers to better see the first 10 feet that are directly behind the vehicle. The first 10 feet are the most hazardous in terms of the risk of a backover crash causing injury or death to a young child.

In addition to the size of the car, other factors also affected how effective rearview cameras were at stopping backover crashes. For instance, rain and slush can cloud the camera and impede visibility since the driver may get only a fuzzy picture.

Still, while not perfect, the cameras may save lives. The National Highway Traffic Safety administration recognizes the safety benefits and mandates that all passenger vehicles come equipped with a rearview camera starting in 2016.

Drivers should take advantage of the cameras, but still need to remember that it is ultimately their personal responsibility to make safe choices and avoid causing backover accident deaths.

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