Cameras Could Reduce the Risk of Speeding Accidents in Atlanta

Speeding unquestionably makes the roads less safe for motorists, bicycle riders, pedestrians, and everyone else on the road. Speeding is a factor in approximately a third of all fatal traffic collisions. A car going faster is going to take a much longer period of time to slow or stop, and a crash with a speeding vehicle is going to generate more force and momentum for the body to absorb. This helps to explain why car crashes are both more likely to be occur and more likely to be serious in cases where a driver is speeding. speeding-past-497358-m

A speeding driver should be held accountable for the losses and damages he causes. An Atlanta speeding car accident lawyer can provide assistance to victims in pursuing a case for compensation when they are hurt by someone who is going too fast.  Unfortunately, noting can undo the damage once it is done. Auto Blog suggests that there may be one important option that is effective in stopping accidents before they happen by encouraging people to slow down: speed cameras.

Speed Cameras Could Reduce Speeding Accidents in Atlanta

Speed cameras are used to detect how quickly a motorist is going. Automated speed cameras can determine when the speed limit is being exceeded and a driver can be issued a ticket. The number of speed cameras is increasing nationwide. There were 115 speed camera programs in 2012 and in 2013, there were 140 speed camera programs nationwide. The increase in the use of automated speed cameras has occurred at the same time that municipalities have been turning away from the use of red light cameras amid questions about red light camera effectiveness and questions about whether red light cameras are constitutional.

Speed cameras seem to be better received, and research has suggested that they may be more effective at stopping serious crashes than other automated traffic enforcement.  Researchers from Insurance Institute for Highway Safety studied a speed camera program that was in place in one county in Virginia and discovered a 19.4 percent reduction in the risk of a crash causing incapacitating injuries or fatalities. If this same report holds true nationwide, as many as 21,000 deadly or serious car accident injuries could be prevented every single year.

Speed cameras can force motorists to go the speed limit or to be cited for a traffic violation. Law enforcement officers already attempt to do this by issuing tickets when they see people speeding, but police cannot be everywhere. Drivers go too fast and take the chance they won’t get into a speeding ticket or cause a collision, but too many of these speeding motorists end up hurting themselves or others.

Whether cameras are present or not, drivers should not be exceeding posted speed limits or going faster than it is safe for them to do. A driver who goes too fast can be presumed negligent since he is violating road safety laws designed to prevent crashes by limiting his speed. A presumption of negligence can make it easier for crash victims to get the compensation they deserve when Atlanta speeding accidents happen.

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