Avoiding Atlanta Car Accidents on Super Bowl Sunday

Sunday February 5th is the Super Bowl.  Each year, the Super Bowl is a time for people to get together with friends and enjoy the biggest football game of the year. Unfortunately, it is also a dangerous day on the roads, as there is an increase in motor vehicle accidents on Super Bowl Sunday. Atlanta super bowl car accidents

Motorists should be aware of the added risks of collisions on Super Bowl Sunday and should try to take steps to stay safe. Unfortunately, even if you are responsible and careful when driving on this day, other motorists on the road may not be careful.

If you or someone you love is involved in an auto accident and injury or death occurs, you should contact an Atlanta car accident lawyer for assistance in getting monetary compensation for financial and non-economic loss. 

Prevent Car Accidents in Atlanta on Super Bowl Sunday

Snopes assessed the claim that car accidents increase on Super Bowl Sunday and found that the claim was true. All available evidence points to a significantly increased risk of auto accidents when this big football game happens. For example, researchers compared data from 27 different Super Bowl Sundays with the Sunday immediately before and the Sunday immediately after the Super Bowl. The researchers found that the accident rate in the first hour after the game ended was 70 percent higher than on either the preceding Sunday or the Sunday after the big game.

The New England Journal of Medicine also found a link between the Super Bowl and a rise in auto accidents. Researchers with the New England Journal of Medicine discovered that the biggest increase in auto accident risks occurred in the home state of the losing team.  In the losing team’s home state, there was a 68 percent increase in auto accidents after the game. In the winning team’s home state, by comparison, there was a six percent jump in accidents. Even in “neutral” states which were home to neither team, there was a 46 percent rise in auto accidents after the game.

There is not only an increase in accidents, but also an increase in fatalities and injuries as well. Although there are 17 people killed in auto accidents on an average Sunday, there are 24 who die in motor vehicle collisions on the Sunday of the Super Bowl.  The increase in people injured is even more substantial. While an average of 1,300 people are hurt in car accidents on a normal Sunday, a total of 1,300 people are hurt in collisions on Super Bowl Sunday.

Motorists need to be aware of the dangers so they can try to reduce the chances of crashes. The best way to do this is to stay sober if you are going to be driving on Super Bowl Sunday, and to arrange an alternative ride home for yourself or your friends if you have been drinking. You should also be watchful for what other motorists around you are doing so you can react in an appropriate way to keep yourself safe if someone seems intoxicated.

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