Avoiding Atlanta Car Accidents on Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching, which means that kids and adults of all ages will be celebrating the holiday.  While halloween should mean a great time for everyone, unfortunately sometimes tragedy happens and people who are out on the holiday end up getting seriously hurt or even killed. Auto accidents, and especially pedestrian accidents, are a big risk on Halloween. Steps need to be taken to try to prevent these accidents from happening. atlanta auto accident

If an accident does occur on Halloween, accident victims and their family members need to understand how Georgia law applies to auto and pedestrian accidents. Victims could potentially pursue a claim for monetary damages for losses, but must be able to prove the other driver was to blame for the accident. An Atlanta car accident lawyer can offer assistance to victims who wish to pursue a claim for compensation.

Avoiding Atlanta Car Accidents on Halloween

Drivers should be aware that halloween can be a dangerous time, as drivers are in the best position to stop crashes from happening. The biggest risk for motorists is that they will cause a pedestrian crash involving young children out on the roads. Kids trick-or-treat on Halloween night, and often are out until after dark. Children wear costumes which may not be easy to see, and they may be excited and run out onto the road or step out between two cars.

Drivers should be cognizant of the increased number of children out later at night on Halloween, especially in residential neighborhoods. It is a good idea for drivers to go extra slowly when driving in areas where kids may be trick or treating. Staying off the phone and keeping 100 percent focused on the road could also help to avert an accident, as drivers can ensure they watch carefully for children and will thus be more likely to be able to stop if a child comes onto the road unexpectedly.

Parents should also do everything that they can in order to prevent their children from being involved in halloween accidents. If you have younger children, you should go trick-or-treating with them and you should hold onto their hands tightly when they are walking on the roads. Remind kids about the importance of looking both ways when crossing the street as they go trick or treating, and consider trying to encourage kids to wear a brightly colored costume which drivers can more easily see.

Parents of teens also need to be aware that sometimes young people drink at halloween parties. Make sure you know where your teenagers are, how they are driving to and from parties, and whether parents will be home to supervise at any party they attend. Parents can help to prevent teens from causing accidents, or from getting into crashes while in a passenger in the car of an irresponsible friend.

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