Atlanta Young Adults are at the Greatest Risk of Drunk Driving Accidents

For decades, Mothers Against Drunk Driving and other public advocacy groups have been trying to educate people about the dangers of impaired driving. While drunk driving death rates have declined dramatically, there is still a persistent risk of drunk driving fatalities and injuries on the road. Part of the problem, unfortunately, is many young people are not taking the lessons to heart on DUI. drunk driving accidents

When a young person causes a drunk driving accident to occur, passengers who were in the car with the impaired young driver should consult with an Atlanta drunk driving accident attorney. Any other victims, from pedestrians or bikers to those in other cars, should also get legal help. The teen or young adult can be held accountable for causing impaired driving losses, just as older adult drivers can.

Young Adults are More Likely to Get Into Atlanta Drunk Driving Accidents

According to NewsOK, one driver in every three drivers in the United States who was in a fatal accident and whose blood alcohol concentration (BAC) exceed .08 percent was between the ages of 21 and 24.

Motorists between the ages of 21 and 24 are the demographic group with the greatest likelihood of becoming involved in a fatal crash when drunk. The demographic group with the next highest DUI rate was between the ages of 25 and 34 and the demographic group with the third highest DUI rates was 35 to 44.

Young adults also make up 23 percent of the total number of drivers who become involved in accidents when they have consumed alcohol.  This means while many people are concerned about underaged drunk driving, it is actually college-aged young adults who are the biggest risk on the roads. Many people between 21 and 24 are away from home and legally able to drink for the first time, and many end up making unsafe choices once they have this newfound right and responsibility. One young adult interviewed by NewsOK also suggested young people tended to feel more invincible and to feel as if a drunk driving accident was something which happened to other people, but never to them.

Unfortunately, young people are also increasingly getting behind the wheel after consuming drugs, as well as getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol. Many young adults do not view driving after using marijuana to be as dangerous as drunk driving, and the rates of impaired driving related to cannabis use are rising as cannabis is legalized in states nationwide and becomes more socially acceptable.

Victims who are hurt by teenagers who are either drunk or under the influence of drugs need to understand what their rights after. Crash victims or surviving family members of people killed in fatal crashes should obtain toxicology reports and should pursue claims against the young adults who have caused them to sustain injuries.

With the help of an Atlanta car accident lawyer, victims of drunk driving accidents should be able to prove the impaired driver was liable for their losses and should be able to recover payment for both economic and non-financial car accident damages.

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