Atlanta Wrong Way Crash Prevention Through Technology

A wrong-way accident commonly happens in situations where motorists cross a double yellow into opposing traffic or when motorists enter a highway going in the direction opposite oncoming traffic. The collisions routinely cause devastating injuries and are often fatal, both because of the magnified force of two vehicles striking head-on and because wrong-way accidents generally are high-speed collisions. Atlanta car accident prevention

When a wrong-way accident happens, an Atlanta head on collision lawyer can provide assistance to crash victims in fighting to receive compensation for losses. Unfortunately, when injuries are permanent or death results from wrong-way collisions, even full compensation can be small consolation. Prevention of wrong-way accidents is important to avoid devastating consequences, and Dayton Daily News reported recently that the development of new technologies could soon go a long way towards the prevention of many wrong-way wrecks.

Atlanta Wrong Way Wrecks Could Be Reduced By Technological Advances

Vehicle safety technology has come a long way,  and there are exciting new developments on the horizon.  One promising new technology involves the development of an in-vehicle communication system which would make it possible for people in cars to speak to other motorists near them on the road.  A special frequency has been reserved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to facilitate this vehicle-to-vehicle communication effort.

When and if the new technology is implemented, drivers could speak to each other to alert other motorists of any upcoming hazards- including a wrong-way driver who is traveling in the opposite direction of traffic. The motorist who is in the car who has made the mistake and is on the wrong side of the road could also be alerted of the error by other drivers through the vehicle-to-vehicle communications system and an alert could be sent out to local transportation authorities and law enforcement officials when a driver is traveling opposite oncoming traffic

The communication system and the apps which make it possible- which are collectively referred to as connected technology- are being tested currently.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is also working on a rule already related to the technology, which should be finalized around the end of 2016.

The new rule will likely mandate the connected technology be installed on all new trucks as well as on all new light-duty cars. NHTCA is moving quickly because the Department of Transportation has been dedicated to developing vehicle-to-vehicle communications systems for approximately 10 years and because DOT believes up to 80 percent of collisions can be prevented when the technology is implemented.

It will remain the responsibility of drivers to ensure they are not taking unnecessary and dangerous risks likely to result in wrong-way crashes. Unless and until vehicles are fully autonomous, human error can always cause accidents no matter how many technological developments occur. In situations where motorists make bad choices and cause crashes, victims should consult with an attorney for help pursuing damage claims.

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