Atlanta Drunk Driving Collision Prevention Over the Holiday Season

December is a festive month, but it can also be a dangerous month. Many Atlanta collisions occur over the course of this month as people visit holiday parties or New Years Eve events and end up getting behind the wheel after consuming too much alcohol. drunk-531484-m

Preventing intoxicated driving needs to be a top priority for motorists this holiday. To draw attention to the issue, December has been classified as National Impaired Driving Prevention Month. Drivers need to take the opportunity to learn about the statistics and risks of intoxicated driving so they can make informed choices. Victims of crashes also need to learn what their rights are and should strongly consider speaking with an experienced Atlanta drunk driving accident lawyer for help pursuing a damage claim.

Drunk Driving Collision Prevention Efforts

In 1982, December was designated National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month. In 2010, as part of efforts to prevent deaths due to unsafe driving, President Barack Obama changed the name of the monthly awareness campaign to National Impaired Driving Prevention Month. This month now encompasses education not only about the risks of drugged and drunk driving, but also about the risks associated with driving while distracted.

The data on drunk driving crashes shows that public education on the important issue of impaired driving is definitely still necessary to try to reduce accident risks. According to True Car, a full 41 percent of motor vehicle collisions in the country are related to alcohol. Because there are so many crashes, someone loses his life every 30 minutes on average in an impaired driving crash. Every two minutes, someone in the country gets hurt by a drunk driver.

Each year, around 600,000 Americans get hurt in crashes with drunk drivers, which further reinforces the staggering truth about the risks. Based on the statistical data, around three out of every 10 people in the U.S. will likely become directly involved with a motor vehicle accident death caused by a drunk driver. This could include having a family member or close friend killed. Altogether, these crashes caused by intoxicated motorists cost more then $51 billion. This is a huge amount of money that comes out of the pockets of victims, who need to pursue a claim for compensation from those responsible for the crash.

Preventing the unnecessary physical and financial damages is very important for every motorist and National Impaired Driving Prevention month aims to educate the public about these real risks and provide some proposed solutions.

Some of the different things people are urged to do include:

  • Selecting someone to act as a sober driver before starting to participate in any holiday celebrations.
  • Avoiding serving alcohol to someone who are not certain is at least age 21.
  • Planning parties that reduce the risk of drunk driving. So-called “safe” parties may offer non-alcohol drink choices to designated drivers and other guests who don’t wish to drink. Hosts should also stop serving alcohol during the final hour of holiday gatherings.

By taking these steps, hopefully fewer Atlanta impaired driving collision will occur this holiday season.

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