Atlanta Drowsy Driving Accidents: Understanding the Real Risks

Drowsy driving is dangerous driving, with motorists who are fatigued exhibiting many of the same impairments as drivers who are drunk. Despite the dangers, drowsy driving has only begun to be treated as a major public safety issue over the past several years. One man, however, has been on an ongoing crusade to fight drowsy driving since 1999 when his wife was killed in a drowsy driving accident. The Huffington Post has his story, and shares his decades-long effort to try to raise awareness about the risks of fatigued driving. Atlanta drowsy driving accident

The goal of the man profiled by the Huffington Post is to put a face on the abstract dangers of fatigue driving. The sad reality is, drowsy driving accidents affect people’s lives in profound ways all the time. In some cases, the drowsy driver does not just hurt or kill himself, but injures or kills other innocent people including passengers, motorists in other vehicles, or pedestrians. In situations where a fatigued driver has caused a serious or fatal crash, Atlanta drowsy driving accident lawyers should be consulted for help in making an injury claim.

Atlanta Drowsy Driving Accident Risks

The man who has been on a decades-long crusade against drowsy driving has provided pictures of his wife’s damaged car to show how terrible a drowsy driving accident can be. He has spoken about the issue of drowsy driving and he prepared public service videos. He also lobbied, successfully, to have states designated a Drowsy Driving Awareness Day.

He was a highway patrolman when his wife was killed in a drowsy driving accident, but even with his job, she had not fully conceptualized the real risks of drowsy driving crashes at the time when she was killed. He hopes to help others to realize that the danger is real, despite the fact that so many people do end up driving while they are dozing off or feeling tired.

Although his cause was a niche cause when he began his crusade, major organizations like AAA and the National Sleep Foundation have, in recent years, begun to recognize the dangers of drowsy driving and the need to provide more information about the dangers.  More education on the issue of drowsy driving is occurring nationwide, which is a great thing for motorists.

Despite the advancements, however, there is still a lot to do in order to try to best prevent drowsy driving accidents. For example, currently just two states have any laws specifically addressing the issue of drowsy driving. The majority of states don’t have any regulations related to driver fatigue. Furthermore, on police accident reports throughout the United States, there is no option to designated drowsy driving as a collision cause. This creates problems with adequately tracking the scope of the problem.

Hopefully, improvements can continue to be made in the fight against drowsy driving. Motorists should not have to be at risk every time they get into their car of being hurt or killed by someone who is falling asleep behind the wheel.

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