Atlanta Car Accident Dangers Due to Rising Road Rage

Road rage is increasingly becoming a problem. In fact, KSAT recently reported on troubling data from an AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety survey. The survey showed the vast majority of drivers have felt road rage and many have allowed their anger to influence their driving actions. Atlanta aggressive driving accidents

When drivers act out of rage or frustration, their aggressive actions can significantly increase the risk of auto accidents. An Atlanta car accident lawyer should be consulted for help by victims of road rage accidents in order to pursue a claim for compensation for losses.

Road Rage and Atlanta Car Accident Risks


The data on road rage came from a year long study which AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety undertook in 2014. The information from the study has now been compiled and it shows that there is a major road rage problem. For example:

  • Eight of 10 drivers who completed the AAA survey admitted that they had felt anger, road rage, or aggression on the road over the course of the 12 months before they answered the survey question.
  • Around 25 percent of motorists, or one in every four motorists, told AAA they had tried to intentionally block another motorist from changing lanes over the prior 12 months.
  • Around 12 percent of motorists told AAA that they had intentionally cut off another motorist while they were driving.

This behavior can create an increased risk of collisions and it can make all motorists less safe on the road. Road rage can also cause injury or deadly accidents when it prompts motorists to intentionally engage in violent or aggressive acts. For example,  the Washington Post reported that there have been a troubling rise in road rage related deaths due to violence. In 2004, a total of 26 people died because of violence on the roadways. In 2013, this number had climbed to 247 fatalities.

Drivers need to be aware of the dangers of road rage and do everything possible to avoid giving into their anger. Motorists should try counting to 10 or using other techniques to stay calm, rather than allowing frustration to climb until it leads to dangerous behavior. Even if you do become angry behind the wheel, you need to remember that actions like cutting off another driver or blocking a lane are not going to help anything and could only end up with you getting hurt or hurting someone else.

If you or someone you love does become a victim of a road-rage accident, you need to understand what legal options you have available to you. You can take action against the driver who engaged in the violent or aggressive driving so you can be compensated for your economic and non-financial losses that resulted from the road rage. An Atlanta accident attorney can provide you with help in proving that driver aggression or a failure to follow best practices for safety was the direct cause of your motor vehicle accident.

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