Are Apps Responsible for the Big Spike in Fatal Car Accidents?

There has been a big increase in car accidents over the past several years, and the New York Times thinks they have determined one big reason why so many more people are dying in car accidents: apps.  There are a huge number of apps specifically designed to be used in cars now. People also use lots of different apps, including games and social networking applications, while they are driving. As these motorists use their phones and electronic devices to manipulate apps, they take their focus off the road. This leads to auto accidents. Atlanta distracted driving accidents

If a driver is using an app while behind the wheel, the motorist should be held legally responsible for damages if he causes a crash to happen. An Atlanta distracted driving accident lawyer can provide representation to victims, and to surviving family members of victims of fatal crashes, in pursuing a claim for compensation after a collision occurs.  Contact an attorney for help after a crash.

Apps are Causing a Big Spike in Auto Accidents

The New York Times gives numerous examples of apps that are specifically intended for use by drivers, as well as apps frequently used while driving. Examples include Waze, which is a navigation app that gives users points if they report a traffic jam or accident that they come upon on the road; as well as Snapchat which makes it possible for motorists to post pictures of the speed of their car as they are driving. Pokemon Go is also another app that the Times lists as being used frequently when driving, as motorists take their phone with this game out onto the roads to search for virtual Pokemon creatures.

Numerous crashes have already been linked to the use of these apps.  For example, in one crash near Atlanta that occurred in 2015, a teen driver was accused of using SnapChat while she was driving.  A snapchat photo from just before the crash showed the teen was traveling at more than 100 MPH. Her car hit the vehicle of an Uber driver, seriously injuring the driver. In another accident near Tampa which resulted in five deaths, a Snapchat video before the accident also showed that the driver was traveling 115 miles per hour.

As motorists have increasingly embraced technologies and have begun to use these apps in the car, crash rates have risen dramatically. In the first half of 2016, for example, there were 17,775 collisions. This is 10.4 percent more crashes during this time period than during the same time period in 2015.

The head of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has referred to the situation as a “crisis that needs to be addressed now.” A big part of addressing it is to help motorists to understand that Internet use in vehicles is helping to contribute to a surge in highway deaths.  When motorists cause a death or serious injury, they need to be held accountable by the victim or the victim’s family.

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