Another Truck Fire in Georgia

Georgia trucking accident attorneys know that large trucks are dangerous not only because of negligent driving, but also because of the dangerous products they carry and the power of the vehicle as well. Failure to maintain the vehicle properly could increase risks of events such as fires, which can sometimes cause significant damage- causing or increasing the severity of an accident and also causing environmental damage.

This week, a tractor trailer caught fire on Georgia Highway 400 near exit 15 in the early morning hours. The 46-year-old truck driver, Roger Harper, called 911 at about 4:50am because he saw flames coming from the engine and from underneath the truck. Earlier, Mr. Harper heard a strange noise coming from the engine. He pulled over by exit 14 to check it out but couldn’t find anything wrong with the truck at the time, and so he continued on his way. Sgt. Bryan Zimbardi of the Cumming Police Department said first responders reported that there was extensive damage to the cab of the truck, but not to the trailer, and that Mr. Harper was unhurt. He noted that it must have been a “pretty quick burning event.” Sgt. Zimbardi said the tractor trailer is owned by Mr. Builts, Inc, based out of Burnham, Illinois, and the largest long-haul waste transporter in the country. No one knows yet what caused the fire in Mr. Harper’s truck.

This is another cautionary story of good fortune. Had the circumstance been different, that fire could have caused an accident had Mr. Harper reacted differently or failed to notice the problem in time. Large vehicles on the road can cause substantially more damage than regular passenger cars, and adding an extra element like an engine fire only increases the danger. If it turns out that the trucking company or employer was at fault for failing to adhere to safety and equipment management regulations, then they could be held liable for damages that result.There are about half a million accidents involving large trucks each year on U.S. highways, which result in nearly 5,000 deaths. This is why all safety and equipment regulations must be followed carefuly, to at least lessen the risk or severity of accidents.

Atlanta Truck Accident Attorneys
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