Accident with Log Truck

Our Atlanta tractor trailer accident lawyers read a recent news story about a logging truck that hit a passenger vehicle; fortunately no one was hurt.


A young woman, 19-year-old Kiersten Close, was on her way for a beach day. She was about to pick up her friend and was turning into the friend’s driveway when her planned fun day was ruined by an accident around 12 p.m. The Toyota Corolla she was driving was hit by a Neidlinger log truck on Highway 17 in Guyton, totalling the car. It happened as she was turning, and the truck driver tried to go around her but accidentally hit the Toyota from an angle. The Toyota Corolla spun out and eventually stopped facing the opposite direction. The log truck flipped over after hitting her car and spilled logs across the highway. Kiersten said, “It happened so fast, and afterward I was sitting there and I just prayed, honestly. I was like, ‘Thank you, Lord.’” The young woman walked away from the crash, and was incredibly lucky not to have been hurt. She said she was a little sore and had hit her head on the side of the car but otherwise she was fine. “I just kind of got started spinning and I hit my head, but (the impact) didn’t feel that bad. Then I realized it was kind of bad when I tried to get out of my car and I couldn’t even open my door. So I was very shocked,” said Kiersten of the moments after the crash. She knows how lucky she was, saying, “They said if I would’ve been two feet farther, I would’ve died. I guess that God was with me, so I’m very, very grateful.” In an unusual occurrence, the truck driver was the one injured, and had to be taken to Memorial Health University Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries.

The stretch of road where the accident happened has a bad reputation however. Kiersten said people “fly” down the road, blaming this for the accident. She told reporters, “People just come too fast, and log trucks and stuff can’t stop very well. I think that was part of the problem.” Georgia State Patrol spokesman Joel Mock said that the investigation into the logging truck crash is on-going and that charges could be filed if it is determined it is appropriate.

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