Accident Leaves 4 Hospitalized

Last week, one bad driver following too closely to other cars caused a car accident. Our Atlanta car accident attorneys noticed the story and found it to be a cautionary tale about tailgating and other dangerous driving behaviors.

During evening rush hour on April 11, three cars were headed northbound on GA 400, two in the left lane and one in the right. The evening traffic forced all of the cars to slow down, but the behind car in the left lane had been following too closely the car in front of it. That car rear ended the car in front of it, pushing that car into the right lane and hitting the third car. The first two vehicles ended up in the median barrier before coming to a stop. The result was a three-vehicle accident during rush hour because of tailgating, showing how serious a problem these bad driving habits remain.

And they can cause injuries too. The tailgating driver in the car that started it all, 23-year-old Emily Thomas of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, was driving a 2004 Acura Integra and was taken to North Fulton Hospital with injuries. Three others involved in the accident Ms. Thomas caused were also injured. Three members of the Moore family, Goodman, 65, and his wife, Nancy, 66, from Gainesville, as well as 39-year-old Connie from Dahlonega were also injured in their 2010 Ford Fusion. The person in the third car, a 2008 Mazda 3, 23-year-old Mallory Walden from Soperton, was fortunately not injured.

Ms. Thomas was cited for following too closely. It seems like a simple bad driving habit, and many of us are guilty of tailgating on occasion- when we are late or in a rush to get somewhere and get impatient with traffic or the car in front of us. But that simple bad driving habit, like speeding or running red lights, can cause a lot of damage and can injure both yourself and innocent people in other vehicles. Tailgating is actually a leading cause of accidents, contributing to as many as one third of road accidents, and the National Highway Safety Administration includes it as aggressive driving, which also includes improper passing, lane changes, and speeding. And tailgating is another cause of accidents that is 100 percent avoidable if drivers are careful and avoid bad driving habits. That is something to remember next time you are frustrated behind the wheel and notice yourself tailgating another car.

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