3 Local High School Athletes Killed in Car Crash

As Atlanta car accident attorneys, we see the tragic fallout from road accidents all the time, and too often they involve the deaths of people too young.  Road accidents cause a high percentage of young people deaths in our country – as many as seven teenagers die each day in the US from car accidents, and teenagers are three times more likely to be in an accident than those above the age of 20.  This continues to be an issue that needs to be talked about and dealt with to try to prevent as many accidents as possible.

A story about young people’s lives cut short by an accident happened earlier this week that involved three promising high school athletes from Brooks County High School in south Georgia.  Jicarre Watkins, Johnny Parker, Shawn Waters, and Devron Whitfield were football players at the high school and were driving to morning practice on Tuesday at about 9:30am.  On the way, the Ford SUV they were in, driven by Jicarre, swerved off Webster Road and smashed into a tree.  Officials from the Georgia State Patrol are investigating the cause of this accident, which seems unclear at the moment.  There was rain the night before, but reports say the roads were dry by that morning.  The accident also happened on a straight part of the road near the high school.  The Georgia State Patrol say the SUV veered off the right shoulder for an unknown reason, Jicarre overcorrected into the road and then went down into the opposite ditch, started to overturn, and hit the tree.  The team’s head coach, Maurice Freemen, was only a minute behind the SUV on the same road, and a school bus full of other players was also behind them and witnessed the tragic accident.

Regardless of the cause, Jicarre Watkins, Johnny Parker, and Shawn Waters, all 18 years old, were pronounced dead at the accident scene.  Jicarre was a rising senior who was being recruited to play football for Troy University next year.  Johnny, another senior, and Shawn, a junior, were also part of a successful high school team that was a large part of the community in their small town of Quitman.  The fourth student, Devron Whitfield, who is Shawn’s brother, was airlifted to Shands Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida, for surgery.  High school administrator Charles Perry said of the students, “These kids were well liked on and off the field.  They were outgoing kids. They were positive and hardworking.”  Fortunately, Devron was able to go home on Wednesday, and he is expected to make a full recovery.

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