If you or someone you love has been hurt or killed in a car accident, you may be facing substantial costs for the injuries incurred or you may be facing substantial financial loss due to your loved ones death. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates the total annual costs from car accidents is around $277 billion, including costs for medical expenditures as well as loss of productivity and other losses.  Victims and their families who bear the burden of these costs need to be compensated for their damages.  atlanta car accident

An Atlanta car accident lawyer can represent victims or surviving family members after a fatal crash.  The goal is to get you the maximum compensation for damages so you can be fully and fairly compensated for all losses.

In many situations, victims are able to get a fair amount of compensation for damages by settling their claims outside of court. In other situations, however, a civil lawsuit will need to proceed to a trial for the victim to receive fair compensation and be “made whole” for all crash losses.

Pedestrian deaths have been increasing nationwide, and drivers and pedestrians need to be aware of the significant risk on the roads. As the summer weather approaches, understanding the dangers of pedestrian accidents becomes even more important as there are likely to be more people walking during the warm weather months. atlanta pedestrian accidents

When pedestrians are injured or killed in collisions, the pedestrian or his surviving family members should pursue a damage claim if they can prove the driver was at fault. With the help of an Atlanta pedestrian accident lawyer, a driver can be made to pay for all damages caused by the pedestrian collision.

Rising Risk of Pedestrian Accidents in Atlanta

The summer is the most dangerous time of the year for motorcycle collisions. As warm spring and summer weather arrive, many more people use their motorcycles to commute or enjoy going on motorcycle rides for pleasure. Unfortunately, drivers may not be aware of how to be safe when motorcycles are on the road around them. atlanta motorcycle accident lawyer

Motorcyclists face a significant risk of accidents and injuries or fatalities during the summer. If a motorcycle rider is hurt by a driver who causes an accident to occur, an Atlanta motorcycle accident lawyer can provide assistance to the victim or his family members. Unfortunately, because many motorcycle crashes are fatal, it is often families of crash victims who are forced to make wrongful death claims.

Accidents causing both injuries and fatalities could be avoided if drivers and motorcycle riders are more careful. As the summer season arrives and motorcyclists take to the road in larger numbers, now is an important time for drivers and riders to review best practices for safety.

Summer break is approaching fast and kids will be out of school. This means more teen drivers on the road, and more teens driving around with their friends in the car. The time period from Memorial Day to Labor Day is referred to as the 100 Deadliest Days on the road because more accidents happen at this time than any other period during the year. The high number of teen drivers is a big part of the reason why accidents are so likely to happen. atlanta teen car accidents

When a teen driver causes a crash, victims (including passengers in the car with the teen driver) may be entitled to compensation for losses and damages. An Atlanta car accident lawyer can provide assistance in pursuing a claim after a teen driver causes a collision. Unfortunately, new studies show the more passengers that are in the car with a teen driver, the greater the chances that a car accident will happen.

More Teens in the Car Means Increased Atlanta Car Accidents

If you have been involved in a car accident within Atlanta, you should make it a point to get a medical exam as soon as possible. If you suspect that you or anyone involved in the crash sustained serious injuries, you should contact an ambulance and law enforcement so you can get emergency aid at the crash scene. Even if you have not experienced life-threatening injuries, or aren’t sure you have actually been badly hurt at all, you should still get a comprehensive medical exam as soon as possible. medical help atlanta car accident

Getting medical help is essential to protecting your rights to pursue a claim for losses caused by an injury in a motor vehicle accident. An Atlanta car accident lawyer can provide you with assistance in seeking monetary payment for your medical bills and other losses, so contacting a lawyer as well as a doctor is smart practice following a collision.

Why See a Doctor After an Atlanta Car Accident?

Over the course of 2015, Americans put enough miles on the roads in the United States to make 337 round-trips to Pluto. People in the U.S. drove more total miles than at any time in history.  Unfortunately, as the number of miles driven increased, the number of crashes has also risen dramatically as well. Atlanta car accidents

When there is more driving going on, there’s a greater crash risk for every motorist on the road. If you or someone you love is one of the victims of a car accident, you need to understand what options are available to you for getting crash losses covered. If another driver was at fault, reach out to an Atlanta car accident lawyer to find out about your options for pursuing a personal injury claim to receive compensation. Families of those who died in car accidents can also seek assistance pursuing wrongful death cases.

Record Miles Driven Means More Risk of Atlanta Car Accidents

A wrong-way accident commonly happens in situations where motorists cross a double yellow into opposing traffic or when motorists enter a highway going in the direction opposite oncoming traffic. The collisions routinely cause devastating injuries and are often fatal, both because of the magnified force of two vehicles striking head-on and because wrong-way accidents generally are high-speed collisions. Atlanta car accident prevention

When a wrong-way accident happens, an Atlanta head on collision lawyer can provide assistance to crash victims in fighting to receive compensation for losses. Unfortunately, when injuries are permanent or death results from wrong-way collisions, even full compensation can be small consolation. Prevention of wrong-way accidents is important to avoid devastating consequences, and Dayton Daily News reported recently that the development of new technologies could soon go a long way towards the prevention of many wrong-way wrecks.

Atlanta Wrong Way Wrecks Could Be Reduced By Technological Advances

Certain types of behaviors are acknowledged as dangerous behind the wheel. These actions taken on the part of drivers significantly increase the risk of motor vehicle accidents throughout Georgia and throughout the United States. Unfortunately, despite the obvious dangers of some types of driver behavior, many motorists admit to regularly doing things while driving which they know are likely to increase the chances of motor vehicle accidents. Atlanta Car Accident

Whenever a driver engages in dangerous behavior, the motorist must be held accountable for the consequences of his actions if a crash results. An Atlanta car accident lawyer can provide representation when a crash happens and victims or family members of victims wish to pursue a claim for compensation from negligent drivers.

Most Drivers Are Taking Unnecessary Risks of Causing Atlanta Car Crashes

Truckers throughout the state of Georgia are on the roads every day delivering products and services. Unfortunately, the job of these truck drivers has become increasingly difficult as trucker shortages have caused trucking companies to become ever more demanding of their employees. Truckers have been forced to drive for longer hours and sometimes to take unnecessary and dangerous risks. This could result in an increase in motor vehicle accidents which affects not only the truck driver, but also every other motorist on the road. Atlanta truck accident lawyer

When a trucker is involved in an accident, the truck driver or his surviving family members could make a workers’ compensation injury or death benefit claim to get medical coverage and disability income or death benefits, regardless of who was at fault for the crash. A trucker could potentially also make a personal injury claim against other drivers to blame for the accident.

Unfortunately, it is often others on the road who get hurt when a truck accident happens, even if the trucker is the one at fault. These victims may be able to pursue a claim not only against the trucker, but also against the trucking company that employs the driver and that caused the driver to take the risks in the first place. An Atlanta truck accident lawyer can provide assistance to both the trucker and other injured motorists with maximizing the benefits available by exploring all possible options for making injury claims.

For decades, Mothers Against Drunk Driving and other public advocacy groups have been trying to educate people about the dangers of impaired driving. While drunk driving death rates have declined dramatically, there is still a persistent risk of drunk driving fatalities and injuries on the road. Part of the problem, unfortunately, is many young people are not taking the lessons to heart on DUI. drunk driving accidents

When a young person causes a drunk driving accident to occur, passengers who were in the car with the impaired young driver should consult with an Atlanta drunk driving accident attorney. Any other victims, from pedestrians or bikers to those in other cars, should also get legal help. The teen or young adult can be held accountable for causing impaired driving losses, just as older adult drivers can.

Young Adults are More Likely to Get Into Atlanta Drunk Driving Accidents