Motor vehicle accidents remain the top cause of teen deaths throughout the United States, despite efforts made to make the roads safer for young people. Governors Highway Safety Association is calling for new efforts aimed at preventing deadly accidents involving teenage drivers. The report was written by experts in teen driving and was guided by a panel with special experience in teen crash risks. It focuses on how adults who influence teenagers can help to stop dangerous behaviors, and how states can partner with these adults in an effort to reduce collision risks. traffic-jamz-1446911

Crashes involving teen drivers are devastating, as these young people often injure their friends or family members who are in the car with them, along with injuring strangers. Anyone who is a victim of a crash as a direct result of a negligent, careless, or illegal action by a teenage driver must understand his or her rights. An Atlanta car accident lawyer can provide help to motorists who have been harmed. You may be entitled to receive monetary compensation from the teen’s insurer for all of the damages and losses you have been forced to endure because of the collision.

Prevention of Teen Driving Collisions

In 2013, close to 4,000 drivers between the ages of 15 and 20 became involved in fatal motor vehicle accidents. This number is on the rise, and preliminary data suggests there will be more teens involved in fatal car accidents this year.

An improving economy means more teenagers have disposable income and thus are more likely to be frequent travelers on the nation’s roadways. These teenagers are often in older cars that do not have modern, advanced safety features that help to mitigate collision risks. These teens also lack in experience necessary to respond in dangerous driving situations, and may make unsafe choices like drinking, which significantly increases the likelihood of a collision occurring.

GHSA suggests parents can make a big difference in shaping the behavior of teenagers, helping them to be safer behind the wheel. However, parents are not the only ones who can assist young people in making safer driving choices. Teenagers between the ages of 15 and 17 generally spend five hours per day in school on average, and spend several additional hours per week participating in activities like sports or other extracurriculars. GHSA believes coaches, teachers, employers, and all other adults in a teens life all can play an important role in bringing down the rate of teenage driving crashes.

A GDL game plan has been established to assist coaches and athletic directors in talking about graduated licensing with teenage sports players, while some consumer safety groups are providing grants to high school activity directors to promote conversations between teachers and parents about drugged driving.

When events are organized, the school is awarded up to a $300 stipend. The youth-based organization, 4-H, also has a 2015 NYSD kit which includes an experiment aimed at providing more insight into distracted driving for young people.

If all adults work together to try to help kids be safer drivers, hopefully fewer accidents will be caused by inexperienced young motorists.

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Forbes reports Thanksgiving is one of the most dangerous days of the year. In 2012, 764 motor vehicle accidents throughout the nation caused fatalities during Thanksgiving. This is a higher number of fatalities than other high-risk driving days, like Christmas- during which 654 fatalities occurred over the same year. In addition to the deadly crashes, there were also almost 50,000 non-fatal collisions that caused injury over the course of Thanksgiving. thanksgiving-table-1443940

Drivers make many unsafe choices that lead to a higher risk of Thanksgiving accidents. When a motorist endangers himself or others, victims who the driver hurts can pursue a claim for monetary compensation for any losses resulting from a motor vehicle accident. An Atlanta car accident attorney can provide assistance to individuals and to the families of those who are hurt or killed over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Prevention of Thanksgiving Car Accidents

Thanksgiving is a particularly dangerous time period for drivers due to the fact many people travel to see friends or family. If there are more motorists taking trips, a higher number of people on the roads translates into a higher number of accidents.

A bigger problem for Thanksgiving is that many people end up consuming alcoholic beverages and then getting behind the wheel of a vehicle. Forbes indicates NHTSA data shows around 40 percent of passengers who were killed over Thanksgiving were in a car with a driver who had consumed more than the permissible legal alcohol limit.

The Wall Street Journal also describes an elevated risk of impaired driving over Thanksgiving. With many college students coming home from school for the first time since summer break and with many adults having time off, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving has become such a big drinking day it is sometimes called Blackout Wednesday. One local DUI-enforcement coordinator said 412 arrests were made in the local area because of so much Thanksgiving drinking, while just 267 arrests were made for DUI over New Years and 197 arrests were made for drunk driving over Christmas.

Drivers need to make sure they avoid consumption of alcohol before getting behind the wheel. It can be difficult to judge when you have had too much alcohol to drive safely after you have already begun to drink, so you should plan ahead to have a designated driver before you actually begin imbibing at a Thanksgiving event. Bringing the telephone number of a car service or taxi service with you when you go out is also a smart choice in case you end up caught without a ride.

Other than staying sober, there are also some other things motorists can do to stay safe over Thanksgiving, including avoiding distractions, leaving plenty of time to get to your destination so you do not speed, and stopping for a rest on a long trip if you find yourself feeling tired or worried about dozing off behind the wheel.

By taking some extra precautions to be safe over this Thanksgiving holiday, hopefully drivers will be able to avoid serious accidents. If you were in a crash caused by another motorist, you also must understand your rights. Contact an attorney serving Atlanta for more details.

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The first week of November was National Drowsy Driving Prevention Week. This event is organized by the National Sleep Foundation; however, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) also hosted a forum aimed at preventing deaths and injuries due to drowsy driving. This year’s NHTSA event involved state and federal government agencies convening to identify research objectives and public policy needs and to further the development of effective strategies for fighting drowsy driving. drowsy 2 copy

Drowsy driving is a major cause of collisions in Georgia and throughout the United States. A motorist who is fatigued is much more likely to become involved in a crash than a motorist who is not in danger of dozing off behind the wheel.

These drowsy drivers can, and should, be held accountable for the dangerous choices they make that result in motor vehicle accidents occurring. An Atlanta drowsy driving accident lawyer can provide representation and assistance to motorists who are injured in a crash caused by a fatigued driver, as well as to loved ones of those killed in a crash with a tired motorist. You may be entitled to compensation caused by crash losses if you can prove the motorist was negligent for not pulling over when he became too tired to be safe.

Drowsy Driving Crash Risks

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provided information for motorists during National Drowsy Driving Prevention Week. CDC reported one out of every 25 adult drivers has fallen asleep at the same time they were driving their cars at least once in the past 30 days. Drowsy driving was listed as a possible cause of as many as 72,000 collisions in the United States in 2014, which caused 44,000 injuries and 800 deaths over the course of the year. However, these estimates are likely low estimates and some research shows as many as 6,000 car accidents each year occur due to drowsy drivers.

Drivers who fail to get sufficient sleep are at the biggest risk of getting into a drowsy driving collision. Up to 70 million Americans suffer from some type of sleep disorder which prevents them from getting sufficient rest. This could include sleep apnea, among other conditions. Many of the Americans with sleep disorders are not getting sufficient treatment to allow for a full night’s sleep.

CDC also indicates there are others who may not get enough sleep and who may be at greater risk of drowsy driving, including:

  • Commercial drivers of buses, tractor trailers, and tow trucks.
  • Shift workers who work long shifts or who work overnight shifts.
  • Drivers who utilize medications which cause them to become sleepy.

Drivers need to be aware of signs of fatigue and must make the responsible choice to stop and rest so they don’t injure themselves or others. Frequent yawning, missing exits, drifting out of lanes, or having a hard time remembering the past few miles you drove are all signs you have become too tired to drive safely. If a driver ignores these signs and continues operating his vehicle, he could become responsible for resulting collisions.

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Children used to be the demographic group at the biggest risk of getting hurt or killed in a bike crash, because bicycles were primarily used for recreation by children. Now, however, biking has become more of an adult sport and more of a common method of commuting. This has consequences as there are more bicycles on major roadways and more older people riding bicycles on a routine basis. bicycle-couple-in-japan-1518579

As the number of adult riders has increased, there has been a significant rise in both injuries and deaths in bike accidents within the older demographic groups. In many cases, these riders are hurt or killed because they are on main roads and cars do not respect their right to be there.

When a bicyclist is involved in a car accident and is hurt or killed by a driver who is careless, the biker or his surviving family members can pursue a case for monetary damage. An Atlanta bicycle accident attorney can provide legal representation to help crash victims get the justice and compensation they deserve.

Bicycle Accident Risk Rising for Seniors

The increased risk of bicycle crashes for older cyclists was discussed recently in the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly report published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The Sentinel also provided information on recent data revealing increased bike crash risks among adult riders.

The data revealed there were more than double the number of people admitted to hospitals in the United States in 2013 for bike-accident injuries compared with the number of people admitted to the hospital after bike crashes in 1998. The most significant increase in hospital admissions resulting from bicycle accidents occurred in adults aged 45 or older.

Data also shows rising death rates in bike crashes among older drivers. The number of children being killed in bike collisions declined dramatically over the past four decades; however, three times as many people between the ages of 35 and 54 are now killed when riding bikes.

There are many reasons for the increases in deaths and serious injuries among older riders.  The increase in the number of people using bikes to commute, resulting in more people on the roads, is just one factor. Another big issue is older adults tend to be more prone to getting badly hurt or dying due to bike accidents.  In fact, the chief resident of urology at University of California, San Francisco warned in a published study on the rise in bike crash risks that: “when someone who is 60 falls down, they are going to absorb that impact much differently than someone who is 20.”

Motorists on the road need to be aware there is a greater chance they will encounter an adult bicycle rider. Drivers need to exercise caution, pay careful attention, and share the road with bicyclists so they can avoid accidents that could lead to serious injuries or fatalities. When drivers engage in careless actions on the road and become involved in a collision with a bicyclist, crash victims and their loved ones need to understand their legal options.

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Halloween night is a high-risk night of the year for pedestrian accidents, with many crashes causing serious injuries or fatalities to children. Halloween is dangerous because there are many kids out trick-or-treating at the same time as people attend parties where they may consume alcoholic beverages.  Parents and drivers need to be aware of Halloween pedestrian accident risks and must do everything they can to try to prevent a tragic accident from happening on October 31. pumpkins-1326009

If a driver is careless or intoxicated and a crash happens on Halloween, victims of the accident need to know what their options are for using the Georgia legal system to recover damages. An Atlanta pedestrian accident lawyer can provide legal representation and assistance to victims and to family members of those who lose their lives to deadly accidents.

Staying Safe from Atlanta Pedestrian Accidents on Halloween Night

According to Republican Herald, statistics collected from 1990 to 2010 show there is double the death rate of child pedestrians on Halloween night compared with other days of the year.  The vast majority of children who are killed in pedestrian crashes on Halloween are struck by cars during the hours of 4:00 PM and 10:00 PM and most are killed in the middle of the road, not at crosswalks or at intersections.

Although the death rate for children is doubled on Halloween, only 31 percent of parents express concern about their children getting hit by a car, according to a survey on Halloween attitudes reported on by Safe Kids. Furthermore, only 35 percent of parents speak with their children every single year about reducing Halloween risks and dangers. Parents should remind children to cross the street at corners and crosswalks only, and should always consider going with their children to provide adult supervision during trick-or-treating.

Parents should avoid letting kids trick-or-treat alone until at least aged 12.  A total of 12 percent of parents said they’d allowed children five and younger to go door-to-door with no adult supervision. Siblings may be entrusted to watch younger children, but amidst the excitement of so many kids out on Halloween, they may not be effective at controlling their younger siblings and preventing tragedy.  Parents should try to trick-or-treat with children whenever they can.

While parents need to teach kids best practices for safety, drivers are ultimately responsible for exercising care when operating their vehicles to avoid striking children. Too many drivers fail in this obligation. warns that 23 percent of the deadly pedestrian accidents on October 31 involved a driver who has consumed more than the legal limit of alcohol. Over the course of the whole Halloween weekend, drunk drivers cause 44 percent of fatal crashes on a national level.

Drivers need to be on the lookout for children when driving through residential areas on Halloween, and drivers should  make sure they are sober, not distracted, and are focused on protecting children.  Drivers who do not live up to their legal obligations can be made to pay for all resulting losses their negligence behind the wheel causes children or their families to endure.

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Drunk and drugged drivers are breaking Georgia criminal laws when they get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol or other substances affecting their ability to drive safely. These motorists face serious criminal charges, because criminal laws are designed to deter unsafe behavior that could lead to accidents. While many motorists recognize how dangerous drunk driving is and public education campaigns have been effective at reducing this behavior, risks of drugged driving crashes are largely underestimated. This helps to explain why the Washington Post warns drugged driving is now catching up to drunk driving in becoming a leading cause of fatal motor vehicle collisions. marijuana

If you are involved in a car crash and the other driver was drugged at the time of the incident, you could pursue a damage claim to recover monetary compensation. You can even make claims against motorists who used prescription medication or over-the-counter drugs, as well as against drivers who used illegal controlled substances. An Atlanta drugged driving accident lawyer can provide guidance, assistance, and advocacy as you pursue a claim for damages after you or someone you love was hurt or killed by a driver under the influence.

Drugged Driving is Becoming a Leading Reason for Atlanta Car Crashes

The Washington Post reported drugged drivers are becoming a “menace” on the nation’s roadways. In 2005, just 29 percent of drivers who were killed in deadly motor vehicle accidents had drugs in their systems revealed by toxicology reports. By 2013, toxicology reports after deadly crashes showed 39.9 percent of drivers tested positive for having drugs in their systems following a fatal crash.

Marijuana is the drug most commonly identified in the blood of people who die in fatal car accidents. Marijuana use has been legalized in some form in 23 different states throughout the United States. Relaxing attitudes toward marijuana use are contributing to the higher risk of drugged driving crashes by cannabis users. As marijuana use becomes legal for medicine or recreation, people begin to accept its use more and motorists may be more inclined to use cannabis and then get behind the wheel.

The widespread change to marijuana laws is only part of the story when it comes to the increase in impaired driving accidents caused by drugged drivers. The Washington Post also indicated that the number of Americans using prescription drugs has quadrupled since 1999. Although prescription medications are given to patients by doctors, they can still have impairing effects that prevent motorists from being able to safely and effectively operate their vehicles.

Drunk driving crashes have dropped at the same time as drugged driving crashes have increased, so drugged drivers are now responsible for a significantly larger percentage of collisions with impaired drivers. Mothers Against Drunk Driving has been very effective at publicizing drunk driving risks, and reports the number of deadly DUIs has been cut in half since MADD’s founding in 1980.

Drugged driving, on the other hand, is not considered by most motorists to be nearly as risky as drunk driving. Some respondents to focus groups in Washington state and Colorado even told researchers they thought they wee better drivers after using marijuana.

The bottom line is, marijuana does affect reflexes and cognitive judgment and drivers on drugs can and should be held accountable if their decision to drive impaired hurt you or someone you love.

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A deadly truck collision has demonstrated again how important it is for trucks to be designed, maintained, and operated safely. The truck crash, which was reported on by NBC, took the life of a pregnant woman, two children, and another adult involved in the accident. Like in most truck collisions, those who were killed were not in the truck at the time when the fatal accident happened. The victims who lost their lives to the truck crash were in other vehicles. The crash that killed them was an underride accident, which is one of the deadliest types of truck collisions that occur on U.S. roads.


Whenever crash victims are hurt or killed in any type of collision involving a commercial vehicle, it is important for those injured or for surviving family members to speak with an Atlanta truck accident lawyer. There may be multiple parties who victims could potentially file a civil claim against in order for the victims or their families to be able to obtain full compensation for serious losses or fatal injuries the truck crash causes.

Atlanta Trucks Need Good Underride Guards to Prevent Dangerous Crashes

According to NBC, the cause of the recent fatal truck crash which took five lives has not yet been determined, and an investigation is underway. The driver of the big rig sustained no injuries in the crash. One of the vehicles that had been involved in the crash actually ended up entangled underneath the truck somehow, although investigators are not yet sure how the car got under the truck. The driver inside of that car was killed in the incident.

When the car slid underneath the truck, it punctured the gas tank, causing a fire to break out. The third vehicle that had been involved in the car accident was completely destroyed by the fire, with vehicle occupants sustaining fatal injuries.

Preventing truck crashes like this one is essential, and truck drivers must ensure they are reasonably cautious when operating large commercial vehicles.  Even when drivers are careful and accidents happen anyway, the consequences can still be tragic.  In this case, the dangers to motorists caused by the crash was exacerbated significantly when one car slide under the truck.

Underride guards are supposed to prevent cars from going underneath the body of trucks when collisions happen. Unfortunately, they are not always effective- as they clearly were not in this case.  Insurance Institute for Highway Safety determined by conducting crash tests that failure of underride guards was very common. Crash tests showing problems with underride guard failure occurred back in 2011, and the IIHS has been advocating for stricter regulations so truck drivers and companies would be forced to get better underride guards that were more likely to effective stop cars from going under trucks when a car crash occurs.  No change has yet been made.

If rules had been modified in relation to underride guards and guards had to work better, this recent tragic trash crash could perhaps have been prevented or the damage could have been mitigated so five people did not die in the accident.  Trucking companies, manufacturers of trucks and safety equipment, and drivers all need to make an effort to stop deadly truck crashes- and good underride guards may be one answer to reducing risks.

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Each year, data is collected on the number of people nationwide who die in motor vehicle accidents. While 2015 is not yet over, preliminary data is already being obtained to assess road safety in the United States. Unfortunately, recent reports from the Los Angeles Times have some bad news for motorists: the car accident death toll is rising. There are a number of factors leading to an increased risk of fatal conditions nationwide, and drivers need to be aware they face a greater chance of getting hurt or killed in a collision as compared with in recent years.  gas-station-01-1463290

If you or someone you love is a victim of a crash, the injuries you sustain may change your life. Georgia law allows for crash victims to file a civil lawsuit in order to seek compensation when negligent drivers are responsible for harming them. Contact an Atlanta car accident lawyer for assistance in making your case for compensation if you are hurt.

Why Are Car Accident Risks Rising for Atlanta Drivers?

The preliminary data from the first half of 2015 shows there has been a 14 percent increase in the number of fatalities in traffic collisions so far this year, as compared with in 2014. If the car accident death rates continue at this pace for the remainder of the year, more than 40,000 people will lose their lives to motor vehicle accidents. In 2013, by comparison, there were 32,675 deaths in collisions.

The 40,000+ estimated deaths in 2015 means the year will have the highest number of fatal motor vehicle accident deaths since 2007.

Low gas prices is one of the most significant reasons for such a high death rate in 2015. When measuring gas prices on Labor Day, prices hit the lowest level for a gallon of gas in more than a decade. The cost of a gallon of gas was more than $1 less in 2015 than it was during the same time in 2014. When gas prices drop significantly, people tend to drive more and they tend to travel for longer distances in their vehicles. A higher number of motorists who are on the road can result in a greater potential for crashes to occur.

The improving economy and dropping unemployment rates have also made an impact on causing more drivers on the roads. With more people working, there are more commuters who drive every day and people have more money to spend to take road trips or go places with friends.

Because there so many more people going to work, going on trips, or simply driving locally, Americans drove approximately 1.5 trillion miles over the course of the first half of 2015. Motorists in America have not ever driven this much, and the 1.5 million miles beats out 2007- the previous record holder for highest miles driven.

Not only are there more motorists on the roads, but there is also a greater risk of distracted driving accidents than ever before as more people adopt smart phones; and there is an increasing risk of bicycle and pedestrian crashes occurring as more people seek alternatives to driving to work. All of this helps to exacerbate the already-increased collision risk on the roads.

Whatever the reason for rising accident rates, a car crash can shatter lives. Victims need to understand their rights for making a claim for compensation after a collision.

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Fans of the Atlanta Falcons or the Georgia Bulldogs are enjoying football season, with many choosing to watch games at sports bars, stadiums, or football parties. Football season should be a time of fun and of watching the game with friends- but unfortunately it is also a time when alcohol consumption increases significantly for many. This can create dangerous conditions for all motorists. football-stadium-2-1540700

If you or someone you love is injured by an impaired driver, you have legal rights. An Atlanta drunk driving accidents lawyer can provide representation to victims who sustain injuries and to family members of those killed in fatal crashes.

Football season means more risk on the roads, and it is important you talk to a lawyer and understand your rights so you can pursue compensation when irresponsible fans or other careless drivers cause you harm.

Football Season and Atlanta Drunk Driving Accident Risks

Many fans who attend football games drink, with some spectators crossing the line into binge drinking.  According to ABC News, one fan out of every 12 attending a professional football game will end up leaving the stadium too drunk to drive.  Among fans under age 35, there is an eight-times greater likelihood the fan will be impaired and have a blood alcohol concentration over-the-limit. For fans who tailgate, the risk is even greater.  There is a 14 percent increased chance football fans who tailgate before the game will have a BAC of .08 or higher by the time the game is done.

When researchers conducted surveys and anonymous breathalyzers of tailgating fans, they found one in four had consumed at least five drinks- which is classified as binging on alcohol. The tailgaters who had the highest BAC’s on the breath tests had drank an average of 6.6 alcoholic beverages.

The significant number of people who drink while watching football has serious consequences.  When one state assembled information on football and alcohol consumption, the data showed 13 percent more drivers being arrested for impairment behind the wheel on game days when those days were compared with other days of the year.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving has also warned of the connection between football spectatorship and impaired driving.  According to MADD data on collisions, an average of 31 percent of deadly crashes are caused by a driver whose blood alcohol concentration is .08 or higher. On Super Bowl Sunday, however, a full 43 percent of deadly car accidents that occur are caused by drivers who are drunk.

Football fans need to be aware of the significant dangers associated with drinking at games and driving home. Fans should have a designated driver who agrees to stay sober the whole game, and plans should be made for getting home safely well before tailgating starts for the day. Other motorists also need to be aware they could face a higher accident potential on game days and should try to stay far from stadiums when possible. Reporting signs of suspected impairment in other drivers you see on the road could also help to save lives.

If crashes do occur, victims need to understand how they can recover compensation from those who chose to get drunk and get behind the wheel.

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Within the United States, there are 48 different states that allow drivers as young as 18-years-old to operate commercial motor vehicles like big rigs and tractor trailers. While states take on the risk of allowing young drivers with CDLs to drive big trucks, the federal government does not currently permit people this young to cross state lines. The minimum age for drivers to be allowed to operate tractor trailers across state borders is 21. This minimum age limit means the federal government is able to prevent young teenagers from becoming long-haul truckers crisscrossing the roads of America. truck 2

Soon, however, truck accident risks could increase significantly nationwide as the federal government is considering lowering the age limit in response to truck driver shortages. If teens are given the ability to drive big trucks across the borders of states, it is likely there will be many more big rigs driven on interstate highways in Georgia and throughout the rest of the country. This, in turn, could result in more truck crashes.

Teen drivers are held to the same standard as older motorists when it comes to vehicle operation. If you are injured in an Atlanta truck accident by a teen driver or by any negligent trucker, call a Georgia truck accident lawyer for help understanding how you can recover monetary compensation for losses.

Atlanta Truck Accident Risks Could Rise Due to Teen Truckers

Bloomberg indicates the U.S. Trucking Industry has been aggressively pushing the federal government to lower the age limit for truckers operating across state lines. Congress is seriously considering making this shift and modifying the current federal rules requiring interstate truckers to be at least 21. Safety advocates, however, are extremely concerned that putting teens behind the wheels of vehicles weighing as much as 80,000 pounds is going to make the roads a much more dangerous place to be.

Data seems to support the position of safety advocates that lowering the age limit for interstate truck driving is a very bad idea. In states where people under age 21 are allowed to have CDLs and drive commercial trucks, these young drivers are anywhere from four to six times as likely to get into deadly truck accidents when compared with drivers who are 21.  Young teens at age 18, 19, and 20 have limited driving experience in general (which is why graduated licensing laws exist for teens who first get their licenses) and entrusting teens with big rigs puts a tremendous amount of responsibility on them.

In 2002, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety responded to a similar proposal to allow teens to drive trucks. That proposal actually would have imposed more limits on teen truck drivers than the current rule change under consideration, but IIHS still warned that there was: “unequivocal scientific evidence of a markedly elevated crash risk among people younger than 21 who drive trucks.”   Those who are victims of crashes caused by these teen drivers need to make sure they speak with an Atlanta truck accident lawyer who can help them to get compensated for losses.

The Atlanta truck accident lawyers at Sammons & Carpenter, P.C. can represent you after an injury caused by a negligent driver. Call today at (404) 814-8949 or contact us online to schedule your free consultation.